Dino Melaye hasn’t eaten in 24 hours – Saraki

Senate President Bukola Saraki says Dino Melaye, senator representing Kogi west, has not eaten in 24 hours.

Melaye is currently in a hospital after sustaining injuries while trying to escape from the police vehicle conveying him to a court in Lokoja, Kogi capital, for a gunrunning case.

He has been accused of supplying guns to some murder suspects, an allegation the lawmaker denied.

Speaking to journalists after seeing Melaye at the National Hospital in Abuja, Saraki said they are working to resolve the issues around his feeding.

The senate president said Melaye who is in the intensive care unit is now stable.

“After the sitting at the senate today, we resolved to come here because over 24 hours we have not heard of know about the state of senator Dino. We’ve just seen him and he is in intensive care. He’s stable for now,” Saraki said.

“We know he hasn’t eaten for the last 24 hours, we are trying to resolve that. He’s on fluids and he’s being seen by cardiologists, all specialists. As you know, he has other (health) issues, he’s asthmatic. We are a bit concerned but for now we thank God he’s stable.

“We want to thank the management of the National, the professional and medical staff for what they’ve been able to do. As for now, he’s stable, he’s being monitored. We’ll continue to pray for him that he continues to recover. He’s not in handcuff.”

About 40 senators accompanied Saraki to the hospital but only seven of them were able to meet with Melaye at the trauma centre of the hospital.



  1. Why will he eat? Millions of Nigerians are Hungary and he is busy receiving #36m monthly, perpetrating evil and trying to evade justice. God will punish him.

  2. Shame on our lawmakers, 40 senator went to go nd visit criminal lawmaker. nd pls how someone that wound on leg doing in intestive care nd telling us that is nw stable for now. nd wit that statement that means next thing they will say is that he need to be fly abroad to attend to his health, so to make him escape

  3. paroski I personally disagree with you know one is violating he’s right,
    the police invite him to hear his part of the allegations level against him,
    whatever happens now to him he caused it.

  4. Sen Bukola Saraki, it’s callous of you to have allowed your attack-dog, Sen Dino Melaye to go without food for that long!

  5. Pity. Instead of Saraki and co to be worried for over 150 million Nigerians that have nothing to eat, they have abandoned their duty post because of a suspected lawmaker that has broken the laws.

  6. If he is innocent, why did he jumped off a moving vehicle when he is been taking to the court where he would prove his innocence? You can imagine if the worse has happened to him, the cry of Saraki & co would have been Buhari killed him because he was critical of the executive. Yeye people. He is not above the law let him go & prove his innocence.

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