(Episode 26) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

(Episode 26) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

The following day, Adaobi together with Chidi and Kunle left to the place where their father was admitted.

Chigozie: ‘Sister, where have you been since, Papa was calling out to you ever since he was admitted’ he said as she approached him and Emenike who were looking sober.

Adaobi: ‘No! No! Please don’t tell me that my father is dead already’ she said looking at Chigozie and Emenike ‘will somebody please say something’.

Emenike: Chei! Wonders shall never end.

Adaobi: Uncle where is my father?

Emenike: You have to put yourself together.

Chidi: brother Chigozie, where is Papa!

Adaobi: Will somebody answer me this minute before I go mad with worry here.

Emenike: I am sorry, your father passed away a few hours ago.

Adaobi: No! It can’t be, it can’t just be. Where is his body?

Emenike: Adaobi you can’t see his body.

Adaobi: ‘Where is his body oooo, I want to see my father oooo. please somebody should tell me that my father is not dead please! God if this is a dream, I want to wake up oooo’ she screamed and wailed.

Chidi: Who was carrying Kunle gave him to Emenike to hold while he went to console his sister who doesn’t want anyone to come close to her.

Adaobi: Nobody should come close to me please, Nobody! She cried.


Few days later, while Adaobi was making preparation ready for her father’s burial, Mr. Emenike decided to call Ayo and deliver the news to him for Adaobi has told her brothers not to call her husband and neither should they pick his calls.

Ayo: Hello Uncle, good day and thank God you called, have you heard from my wife and how is my father in-law?

Emenike: What kind of a husband are you that you allow only your wife and her brothers to carry the burden of burying their father when they have an in-law, what kind of a man are you Ayo?

Ayo: I don’t understand sir, what do you mean?

Emenike: so you mean to tell me you don’t know that your father in law is dead?

Ayo: What? How, when?

Emenike: What do you mean how and when? Didn’t your wife tell you that her father passed away few minutes before she got here?

Ayo: Oh my God! I am so sorry and I never knew. No one told me anything.

Emenike: Now you know and I hope you know that his burial is three days from now, be the gentle man that you are and bring yourself here immediately.

Ayo: Okay sir, I will.

Emenike: by the way, do you know that he died of Colon cancer?

Ayo: No I never knew.


Ayo quickly rushed home to tell his mother the latest development for he didn’t know what to do and how to face his wife when he gets to the village.

Mami: Ah! Ayo, this one that you are back home and panting, hope all is well?

Ayo: Mami all is not well.

Mami: What is wrong?

Ayo: is my wife and her father.

Mami: oh! I knew it, I knew that they will call you for some money again and what are you going to do about it this time?

Ayo: Mami it is not that oooo.

Mami: What is it if it is not money, she has refused to call or talk to you and now that she is broke, she has finally called abi?

Ayo: Mami please listen.

Mami: there is nothing to listen to Ayo. I warned you that this woman is bad for you, I warned you that her people are bad, isn’t that what she is showing to you now?

Ayo: Mami please…

Mami: Listen Ayo, If I were you, I would send not a dime to them. Shey they think they can live without you, it is even better for you sef. Afterall, you have done your best.

Ayo: Mami, it is not it.

Mami: it is it oooo. look my son, I am your mother and I will never lie to you. If you had listened and married Kemi, I am sure we won’t be having all this problems. How can a married woman live her matrimonial home without her husband consent? Shey she said if you don’t want anything with her, that you should sign the divorce papers, I wonder why you haven’t even thought about signing it yet.

Ayo: Mami will you please listen….

Mami: No you listen to me and throw that woman out once she comes back. She is not and never will be the woman for you.

Ayo: Mami please…

Mami: Ayo, you better listen to me very carefully, do not, I repeat, do not send her any  money for your own good ooooo.

Ayo: listening to his mother and seeing that his mother really hates his wife asked ‘why do you hate her so much’.

Mami: Because she is a gold digger and not the woman for you.

Ayo: Hmmm. Mami will you please listen to what I have to say?

Mami: I have told you my own oooo, what is it you have to say by the way?

Ayo: He is dead.

Mami: Who is dead?

Ayo: My wife’s father.

Mami: What, how, when? She exclaimed

Ayo: I don’t know but what I do know is that he died before she got there and he died of Colon Cancer.

Mami: Jesus!

Question: Hmm…

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  1. Mami go to hell cos dts where u belong, evil woman nd as 4 u Ayo u re a disppointment nd a vry big fool, I wonder wat my adaobi saw in a dirty nd disgusting yoruba man. RUBBISH

  2. Hmmmm! Ayo see urself….. U ve allowed ur mother to ruin ur marriage, knowing fully well hw she hates Adaobi yet u allowed urself to be manipulated, na waoo, dis is always d result of nt being man enof.

  3. It’s a pity that Adaobi lost her father, I feel for her
    It’s one thing to be Male it’s another to be a man, Kunle is just a male and not a man, that’s why he allows his mother to manipulate him

  4. Hmmmm is what i can say, fire fire Ayo why. Mami u have succeeded. Ayo ur mum enjoyed her marriage and has finally destroyed urs out of hatred for ur loving wife. Adaobi i wonder the eye u would see Ayo with. A damange beyond repair. Adelove thank God u guys are back again pls do even better next three episodes. Thanks Adelove crew

  5. Hmmmmm, adaobi sorry for the lost.
    Mami this your bad attitude is not expected of you, you cause misfortune for your son’s marriage.
    Ayo you allow lack of wisdom to ruin what you have built yourself, I pray Ada will forgive and forget it

  6. @Fortune hahaha biko nwayo this ur last sentence eh! It seems wanna hv same mindset with Chidi when Adaobi was preparing to marry Ayo!

    In ds case if u don’t condemn evil whn it happens surely d evil will come bck to d person!

    So sad d Father died without seeing d only daughter he cherised so much!

    Lack of understanding n indecision are Ayo’s problem!

    In d marriage when two comes together they become one in everything n no one should put asunder!

    I wish Adaobi Wil forgive d husband n look for amendment n stay in d marriage since there’s no case of formication that will attract d divorce!

    Adelove well-done!

  7. I really feel for Adaobi, I knew dis will b d out come for Ayo not allowing Adaobi to go and see his sick father. Mami I don’t know what is ur problem, she has forgotten she has a female child who is yet unmarried. May his soul RIP and hope Adaobi will forgive you Ayo.

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