(Episode 27) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

(Episode 27) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

Ayo: did you know about all these?

Mami: how would I when she never told me anything.

Ayo: I am responsible for all this, I should have allowed her to go when she wanted to.

Mami: it is not your fault my son, you didn’t know it was very serious.

Ayo: Even at that Mami, I was so blind that I didn’t know what she was passing through and how she was feeling. I wonder how I will face her now because it is all my fault.

Mami: Don’t beat yourself up jare.

The following day, Ayo got his stuff together and travelled to his wife village to help in planning for the burial and to also apologize to his wife. When he got there, he met a lot of people in the house who came to pay their condolence and when he sighted his wife, he quickly went to her.

Ayo: ‘Sweetheart, I am so very sorry for all that happened’ he said as he came face to face to her.

Adaobi: Ayo, what are you doing here?

Ayo: your uncle told me everything yesterday and I am here as a husband to….

Adaobi: Ayo please, I can’t deal with you right now, just leave this minute.

Ayo: But I am your husband and I am here to take respon….

Adaobi: Ayo, don’t make me create a scene here, please leave this minute. I don’t want to see you.

Ayo: Listen, I am sorry….

Adaobi: ‘Ayo’ she shouted attracting attention to her ‘my father died and I wasn’t there to say goodbye because of you. I don’t want to see you now and I don’t want to talk to you’ she said in a hush tone’.

Ayo: Alright but if you need anything just…..

Adaobi: ‘I won’t be needing anything from you’ she said and walked away.


After the burial, Adaobi and her brothers stayed in the village for one more week while Ayo returned back to the city for all effort to talk to his wife proved abortive and it made him helpless and angry. When she came back to the city, she came along with chidi and chigozie for they will now be staying permanently with her.

Adaobi: Good day Mami.

Mami: Welcome home my daughter, how was the burial?

Adaobi: it was fine we thank God.

Mami: I am so sorry for your loss.

Adaobi: Thank you Mami and meet my brother Chigozie, he will be staying here with us.

Mami: Welcome my son and feel at home.

Chigozie: ‘Yes Mami and good day to you’ he said smiling while Chidi also greeted her.

Mami: ‘Good day to you both and how is my Grandson doing’ she asked as she carried him from her mother’s arm.

Adaobi: He is doing okay. Where is Kemi, isn’t she back from school yet?

Mami: No she isn’t. she doesn’t want to come back ooo, only God knows what she sees in that school.

Adaobi: Its her time, let her have her time. Chidi, show chigozie to his room and you both go and freshen up while I do the same.

Later in the evening, they all retired to bed, Ayo was skeptical about talking to his wife for he knew that she blamed him for his father’s death and wished things were different.

Ayo: Ermmm, sweetheart, can we talk?

Adoabi: backing her husband yawned ‘I am feeling sleepy Ayo’.

Ayo: I know but I won’t take your time.

Adaobi: I am listening

Ayo: Can you at least look at me?

Adaobi: no I can’t and if you want to talk, go ahead for I am listening.

Ayo: Alright! I am sorry for not listening to you, I should have allowed you go to your father and say your goodbye before he passed away and I am so sorry about it. Can things ever be the way they use to between us?

Adaobi: is that all you wanted to talk to me about?

Ayo: Yes, I am asking for your forgiveness.

Adaobi: Goodnight Ayo.

Ayo: Adaobi please, please! he tried touching her and she moved away. She took her pillow and was about to leave the room when he asked ‘where are you going to?’

Adaobi: my son’s room of course.

Ayo: Why, what for?

Adaobi: I cannot stand you at the moment and if I keep  pretending that everything is alright when it isn’t, I wont forgive myself. Its better I go to Kunle’s room and spend the night with him rather than  here.

Ayo: But we are supposed to trash issues as couples.

Adaobi: Oh! So now you know that we are couples right? When your mother was feeding you with what to do and what not to do, weren’t we couples then? Our relationship has been  three people right from the moment we married and your mother seems to have the upper hand in what we do.

Ayo: Let by gone be by gone and lets start all over again and I promise that this time, things will be different.

Adaobi: Hahahaha, start all over again, with you? Will it bring my father back or will it take me back to the moment I wanted to go to him?

Ayo: Adaobi can we please get this thing past us?

Adaobi: No we cant because each time I look at you, I keep remembering that it was because of you that I wasn’t there when he needed me the most. The man who brought me up and made me what I am today is gone and I was not opportuned to say goodbye. Do you know how I feel each time I think of that?

Ayo: I am sorry Adaobi, really! I am.

Adaobi: been sorry won’t make things alright because you broke my heart.

Ayo: but Baby….

Adaobi: ‘That’s all I can say to you right now’ she said and walked away.

Question: Any advice for Adaobi?



  1. I understand how she feels,she is ryt to react that way but she should also think thru it, forgive and move on to build her home better,not letting her emotions get d better part of her

  2. Adaobi pls it painful but let forgive n move on this matter can be resolved as a couple pls stop taking matters too far

  3. It’s really painful. Ada’s present reaction is quit understandable, but she has to let go. She must forgive and move on.

  4. It’s painful thou, I can feel ur pain. Ayo shld let her be for now, I believe she will cum around, its just a matter of time
    I jst hope mami will learn n stay within her limits

  5. Dat witch of a woman called Mami, am sure she is happy nw. Is time she leaves d hous wit her daughter b4 dey cos more problem nd as 4 d he goat called Ayo better let my Adaobi be 4 nw dats if u knw wt is gud 4 u. Mad man

  6. The episodes are too short and too far apart.
    If Ada didn’t want to settle things, then why did she return to the house?

  7. Her anger is justified, she has every right to b angry. Things will go back to normal but not so easily, to loss a father is very painful and for d fact dat her husband denied her d opportunity to b with her father at last moment. If I where to b Adaobi, before I forgive you, I will definitely give him a condition dat d mother should never interfere in their marital life and she should return back to her house after all she don thru with omoguo. She should go and let them enjoy their marriage in peace

  8. it is really painful but Adaobi let it pass and move on with your life,it has happened already there is nothing to be done

  9. Adaobi just take heart and accept what happened. Don’t give Ayo hard time since he has realized his fault.

  10. Don’t 4give him yet,let him feel d pain she felt until he learns his lesson nd since he is d man nd d head of d house,let him put mami n her place nd adaobi n her place as well.

  11. Mother in-laws are not supos to stay permanently at their sons/daughter’s house…so mami should leave and never interfer in their marriage again…Ada should forgive Ayo and concentrate on building her home the way she wants it.

  12. AYO is behaving too childishly by always obeying his mother’s command. I can reason with Ada but all the same, she had to take it easy for there is no other home for her.
    I can’t wait for another one week before Adelove will release the next episode ooooo

  13. Adaobi’s anger is justified but she should try and forgive her husband so as not to cause more trouble bcoz that woman is not ready to change her ways

  14. Adaobi needs to forgive her husband…. the deed is already done…. but Ayo needs to wise up and starting acting like a man not as a mummy boy

  15. Painful really but forgiveness is the way to go. Ayo too has to grow up and learn to stand up to his mother!
    Adaobi should forgive him and together they deal with Mami.

  16. Episode too short. For Ayo the word dat Adaobi said dat he snob is telling back at Him, but still Ada Just forgive him. Mami the witch mother has finally put the fire on and has added fuel to it. But true forgiveness u both can quench the fire or make Mami fall into it, i wonder how mami will enjoy her own marriage life and now come to destroy someones own. Any way Adelove Crew U guys are waw. OneLove. But pls next episode. Thanks Dudes.

  17. Chai..Ada i know its right for you to over react, please forgive him, its not easy but i know u will pull through.

  18. It’s very clear Adaobi is still upset with Ayo, Ayo should let her be for tonight and maybe by tomorrow he should try talking to her again. Hope he won’t listen to his mum again before taking decisions in their matrimonial home, because the decision he took from his mum caused this brouhaha.

  19. Hmm its been over 6 days Adelove crew U Guys are falling our hands oo. No more story line let us know and move on pls, cant buy mb and nothing still almost a week nawa oo

  20. if you don’t have any stories to write again ,it is better you stop posting stories. if you don’t know you have started loosing fan.not even a single word from you that this is the reason the story is been delay

  21. any stories you know you can’t finish don’t post it or start it. you are falling our hand big time not even a word of apology or reason for the delay

  22. any stories you know you can’t finish don’t post it or start it. you are falling our hand big time not even a word of apology or reason for the delay

  23. They are failing us guys lets go read something else, its clear to us dat d are short of story line for now lets save our selves the energy and go do something else dan having our hopes up for over a week now.

  24. Her anger is justify, but she nid to take it easy, both of them shd start all over again without third party interference

  25. Adelove, nice story but we have been waiting for the next episode for the past one week. Really making one loss interest in the story.

  26. One about Adelove is that they don’t usually finish their stories, for instance “Age is nothing but a number”,was not finished,etc.

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