Just In : Protesters shutdown Benue over killings

Makurdi, the capital of Benue State has been brought to a standstill by protesters over the ongoing killings in the state.

The protesters, It was gathered have taken over major streets of the state, calling on the federal government to come to their aide.

It was reported that over 100 persons have been killed between yesterday and today in Guma, Gwer and Logo areas of the state by suspected herdsmen.

Our reporter observed that the protesters, mostly women garbed in black attires are currently matching around the Bishop of Makurdi Dioceses house, weeping while singing corrosively, ‘Go and tell Buhari they are killing us.’

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    • This is not about Benue my friend; it’s about Nigeria. For now it’s affecting Benue, but if the rest of the country does not rise up as one against this evil, some other state will be next. God help us.

  1. The solutions is Biafra and freedom to all other non Hausa/Fulani ethnic groups in Nigeria
    What we have at present in Nigeria is a glorified Hausa/Fulani Republic
    This is reminiscent of the huge genocide unleashed on the Igbos in 1966

  2. This Federal Governent is so unfair to the people of Benue and Nigerians in general, how can this president justify my vote now, I’m feeling so pained, my condolences to the people of Benue, our military are not lazy they just need an order from their commander in chief.

  3. Nigerians mindset is ” it is not in my area so why bother? This is what happened to millions of Jews in Germany and other places in Europe and North Africa by Adolf Hitler. As the saying goes ” when they came for my neighbour nobody said anything and so it continued until they came for me The West, East and Middle belt must Unite against the modern day HITLER’S by ensuring the vote out enemies of Progress and Oppression come 2019.

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