See the viral photo of a prophet removing a lady’s underwear in church

An end time ‘Zambian prophet’ whose name wasn’t given has caused outrage online after he was pictured taking off a lady’s underwear in front of his congregation in church.

Viral photo of a

Viral photo of a

It’s unclear what could have led to this show of shame, but Facebook user, Offwell Sikazwe, who shared the photo to Zambian Facebook group ‘ZNBC Top Stories Online™’ wrote: “FAKE PROPHETS PLZ LADIES DONT DO THIS TAKE YO PROBLEMS TO JESUS THAN TO A PROPHETS HAPPY SABBATH”



  1. What you want, you get. That lady can’t fein ignorance of the happenings in that “church” prior to her finding herself there. Really don’t know what the “outrage” is all about!

  2. End time, i dont know why people cant sense fake nd evil pastor. just that some people allow there problem to blindfold them

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