Nothing should happen to Senator Melaye – Yakubu Dogara

As the police re-arraigned embattled Senator Dino Melaye in Lokoja court, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, has urged security agencies to ensure that his life is secured before prosecution.

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Dogara, who gave the charge while ruling on a matter of personal explanation brought to the floor by Hon. Sunday Karimi (PDP, Kogi) also, expressed concerns over the action of the police to arraign Melaye in court on a stretcher.

He said “Karimi is talking about rule of law and due process, and we have our own rules in this house. So, we will abide by that. All I can say is that nothing can happen to the senator. If anyone in this country commits an offence, the law is there for the person to be prosecuted or arraigned in court within the ambit of the law.

“I don’t think the law supports a situation whereby someone is in a dire health situation and is being arraigned most especially that that person is a senator. It is unthinkable that a distinguished senator or an honourable member of this house would run away from trial”, he stated.

Continuing, the speaker cautioned: “So, my admonition to the security agencies is to do everything possible to ensure that his life is secured first before prosecution. Prosecution cannot come at the expense of death and that is very important because if anything happened to him, the responsibility will lie on the security agencies.

“That is without mincing of words; because I have not seen a country where someone will be arraigned in a stretcher; where he is not even in the right frame of mind to even take a plea. So, what use is it if you’re taken someone to court and he cannot plead guilty or not guilty. So, the emphasis should be on his health first.

Earlier, while raising the issue, Hon. Sunday Karimi alleged that Senator Melaye is “facing persecution because of his belief and the House must not continue to sit down and keep quite. We should ensure that the rule of law prevails in this case. It is happening to Senator Dino today, it could happen to any of us”

Karimi decried the large number of police men deployed to guard Senator Melaye. “I visited him in the hospital and counted up to 38 policemen. On Saturday, INEC went to conduct his recall. Only yesterday, he was arraigned in court in Abuja. Today, Dino was carried in an ambulance to Lokoja.”

Attempts by other members to comment on the matter were rebuffed by the speaker who ruled that since it is a matter of personal explanation and since the Senate is already looking into the issue, it can only be referred to a committee of the House for further legislative action.



  1. Thieves and dishonorable members of national assembly.Nemesis and Karma are catching all of you,Ntoi!!!You steal and embezzled money meant for us and you think God is not watching you all.One by one,you will take turns

  2. Some of us are just a bunch of hypocrites, somebody is alleged to have committed a crime and is arraigned according to the law of the land and uninformed and myopic people are talking of injustice, maybe because it is happening to a senator but will be justice if it’s the so-called ordinary Nigerian that is involved. That’s why we will never make real progress in this our God-given country, some of us has so much enslaved ourselves to the so-called big men of the society that we would rather they march on us as long as they extend their ill-gotten wealth to us. Just unfortunate!

  3. What if something happen? The upper house just denied that the IGP was not invited because of Melaye. Of course we know Melaye is the major reason the IGP is wanted in the senate. If the IGP was invited because of insecurity in some parts of the country,why invite only the police chief since the Army,Civil Defense and even Airforce are part of the internal security operations all over the country. The other Service Chiefs also should face the senate. The senate spokesman,Sabi’s claim is an afterthought. Senators went to see Melaye in the hospital but never deemed it fit to visit Benue,Taraba and Adamawa to condole with victims and families.It is a shame that no one truly loves Nigeria. This crop of legislators deserve to be chased out. Do we really need these leeches?

  4. A Pdp rep. Raised this in the house so Dino should just come out and say he is Pdp. He is only in Apc as an opportunist anyways. Ajekun Iya season 3 loading…

  5. What will happen if anything happens to him? Was he forced out of a moving vehicle by the police?This is somebody that is issuing press statements & he is pretending by lying on the stretcher. Let him defend himself

  6. i dont y some pple are just talking anyhow. someone is talking about injuctice, what is injuctice when someone is facing a crime. so is it bcos his a senator is now above the law. and you will saying nigeria is bad and u guys are saying someone is above the law. abeg Dino we are waiting for Ajeku part3 y you are waiting for ur trail

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