See viral photo of Nigerian trader using Hummer Jeep to sell tea and other provisions

A Nigerian man has revealed he has learnt not to bother himself over anything in life after he was surprised with an unusual sight in Benin city, Edo state.

The chairman at Association Of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Edo State Chapter, Goodluck Osama Ogbeide, took to Facebook to share pictures of a Hummer Jeep which he saw being used to sell tea and other provisions.

Below is what he shared on Facebook;

I was actually in a vehicle around Ugbowo axis today, when I stopped to snap this Hummer jeep. This is one of the reasons why I don’t bother myself over anything in life. Ur most valuable property today, is definitely another man’s rag.

When Blackberry Phone came out, some persons, most especially some girls almost killed themselves over nothing. What is the worth of blackberry today?

Just imagine an Hummer Jeep being used as mobile shop for selling ordinary Tea and other provisions.



  1. All is vanity and vexation of the Spirit. Judgement Day is coming for All. Politicians remember your dying day.

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