We cannot allow one irresponsible man kill Rivers people – Amaechi

Former Rivers state governor, Rotimi Amaechi has said that the continued re-occurrence of soot in Rivers state was because of the inability of the state government to utilize the security apparatus around him to curb the menace.

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Amaechi who is now the Minister of Transportation, while addressing newsmen at the Port Harcourt International Airport said reports from the Federal Ministry of Environment show the black soots polluting Rivers state are particles from illegal processing of crude going on in the state.

He added that Governor Nyesom Wike lacked the political will to confront those who indulge in illegal processing of crude oil and bunkering activities.

Amaechi further stressed that there was no soot in Rivers state during his 8-year administration because of his obvious stance against illegality in the state, just as he alleged that Wike has failed to discharge his security responsibilities to the people by passing it on to the Federal Government.

“I was Governor here for 8 years and there was no soot. The reason why you have soot is not the Federal government.

“According to documents from the Ministry of Environment, the reason for soot is because people are bunkering and you have a Governor who is not able to discharge his security responsibilities and he passes it on to the Federal government.

“We felt that Rivers people are dying and we cannot allow one irresponsible man to allow Rivers people to die. The soot is not coming from heaven. It is from the irresponsibility of individuals who are in government and have no singular idea of what to do.

“When I was Governor, I was responsible enough to stop them and there was no soot.”



  1. One man that will not play to the gallery. You speak the truth and it will always hurt those who abhor it.

  2. Really don’t understand some of us, somebody is said not to do the job he voluntarily sort for and one of us is now blaming the person for complaining, admonishing him “to stop the blame game & work with him”. I am really baffled at our thinkings, sometimes!

  3. Wike only know how to talk and braging on media and left his work undo. may God help us with all this good for nothing leaders we have

  4. Wike is working cos ph is now an international state. Come and see tinz for ur self. Amechi when u were d governor, I remember days that we don’t open our windows and will always cover our nose with handkerchief cos of one name they gave it them. So u all are the same

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