(Episode 28) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

(Episode 28) The Marriage Battle ... A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

Mami: Ah ah! Adaobi,where are you off to this morning?

Adaobi: Mami I am going to work and I don’t know when I will be back. If you need anything, you can please help yourself out in the kitchen.

Mami: Work! You or Ayo didn’t tell me that you have started work.

Adaobi: ‘Oh! Maybe he forgot to mention it to you’ she said she got Kunle ready too.

MamI: Is my grandson also going to work with you?

Adaobi: No Mami, I signed him to a crèche lastweek and he will be starting today.

Mami: Does your husband know about this and isn’t he too small?

Adaobi: No Mami, he isn’t too small. He is of age and besides, he is eight months already, I believe he can manage.

Mami: and your husband?

Adaobi: Oh my husband, you can tell him when he comes. Chidi are you set to live for he was supposed to live early for his extra moral lesson ‘I am waiting for you oooo, let me drop you off.

Chidi: I am ready sister, have you spoken to chigozie yet?

Adaobi: Yes, he won’t be coming back home till he is through with him exams.

Mami: So you have started work and I will be alone in this house till you guys return.

Adaobi: ‘Yes Mami and please take care of the house’ she said, carried Kunle and left  the house while Chidi followed behind.


Ayo: Ha! This one the house seems quiet, where is everybody?

Mami: hmmm, you came back so early today, hope no problem.

Ayo: No problem Mami, there is not much to do today. Where is everyone?

Mami: Your wife went to work and Chidi isn’t back yet for his extral moral lessons.

Ayo: My wife went to work? When did she start work that I wasn’t informed?

Mami: I don’t know ooo. infact she hardly says anything to me these past days except good morning, is she still angry with you?

Ayo: Yes Mami, she is still angry with me and right now, I don’t know what to  do anymore for she seems she doesn’t want to forgive me.

Mami: Just because of that small thing and she is still angry with you? You sef, I thought you were going to sign the divorce paper and now….

Ayo: Mami please, I am not divorcing my wife, I am sure she will come around. She just needs time to heal and then maybe she will forgive me.

Mami: Hmmm okay ooo but she is taking time to heal and have you people have sex since then?

Ayo: Mami, I don’t think that is for you to know or prey into.

Mami: I am your mother joor and I need to know if you are happy in your marriage. If she has not been performing her duties as a wife, it means that she no longer wants this marriage and the earlier you ask for a divorce the better.

Ayo: Mami please.

Mami: What Ayo, I am speaking my mind. This is no longer a home but now a house. She doesn’t talk to you or me, all she does is make sure that her brothers and son is okay,  we are left out.

Ayo: Don’t start please. By the way, did she go to work with my son?

Mami: it is obvious both of you don’t even communicate for you not to know her moves. Anyway, he has started crèche.

Ayo: What, when?

Mami: Today I guess.

Ayo: why didn’t anyone tell me about it?

Mami: you mean why didn’t your wife tell you about it? I am not in the position to ask her that question, you are.

Ayo: hmm okay Mami, can I get my food.

Mami: ‘wait let me set it on the table’ she said and went to get dinner ready while Ayo went to freshen up. Few minutes later, Ayo came to eat the eba and egusi soup Mami prepared for him. He washed his hands and demanded that the water be replaced ‘Mami could you please change this water?’.

Mami:’Sure’ she said as she went to change the bowl of water. As she was changing the water in the bowl on the sink, she unknowingly poured water on the tiled floor, she replaced the water and went to the dinning where Ayo was having his dinner ‘here is the water’.

Ayo: Thank you Mami, please can I get ordinary water to drink,  I have been taking too much cold water lately, I want warm water.

Mami: ‘Okay’ she went to the kitchen, took a glass cup which was on the fridge and was about to rinse it on the sink when she slipped, hit her head on the sink and collapsed.

Ayo: heard the fall and quickly rushed to the kitchen calling ‘Mami! Mami’. When he got to the kitchen, he quickly carried her and checked her pulse still screaming ‘Mami, Mami! He saw blood and noticed that she was bleeding on her head; he quickly carried her to his car and drove straight to the hospital. While at it, he kept calling his wife’s number for her to pick but he couldn’t reach her for her number was unavailable. He called Chidi and told chidi to tell his sister to call her immediately if he gets through to her.


Adaobi came back late in the night and the first person she saw was chidi who was panicking.

Chidi: Sister, where have you been and your number has not been going through.

Adaobi: Yes, my battery has been down, what happened? This one you are looking so rough and tensed.

Chidi: Your husband called me; he said he has been trying to call you.

Adaobi: Okay.

Chidi: Sister I think something bad has happened?

Adaobi: Why and where is Mami?

Chidi: I didn’t meet anyone at home when I came in and the kitchen was in a mess.

Adaobi: in a mess as in?

Chidi: Kitchen is sort of messed up and I noticed that your husband was eating and didn’t finish his meal, I think something bad may have happened.

Adaobi: Since he called you, I am sure he is with his mother and they are fine. Clear the dining and clean the kitchen please. I am too tired and need to go to bed for today was too stressful.

Chidi: Okay but I think you should give him a call immediately.

Adaobi: ‘I hear, Goodnight’ she said as she carried Kunle was was also sleeping in her arms to her room.

Question: Hmm…

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  1. Only God knows when next episode will drop since this one took 9 days. Adaobi should cool down. Revenge never brings satisfaction.

  2. Wow,waited xo long 4 diz episode,anywayz welkom back.
    U neva see anytin Mami nd Ayo,diz is just d tip of d iceberg.

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