(PHOTOS) Rochas Okorocha dances shaku shaku with ex-BBNaija housemates

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State yesterday played host to the 2018 BBNaija winner, Miracle Igbokwe and some other ex-housemates. The governor gave Miracle Miracle a cash donation of 2 Million Naira and also a piece land. He also rewarded fellow contestant, Nina.

Rochas Okorocha dances shaku shaku with ex-BBNaija housemates, Miracle, Nina and others

Rochas Okorocha dances shaku shaku with ex-BBNaija housemates, Miracle, Nina and others

Photos: Governor Rochas Okorocha dances shaku shaku with ex- BBNaija housemates Bam Bam, Nina, Teddy A and Miracle

Speaking during the hosting, Rochas Okorocha spoke of how proud Imo State is of Miracle Igbokwe.

“We are gathered here to welcome our son who has made us proud. Miracle is our son who went to South Africa for the Big Brother Naija Show. He spoke well of his State and was a good ambassador of his State. For this, we thought, it is proper that we receive him”, he said.

The governor stated further:

“Usually, our State does not engage in receiving people for outings they have made, unless we consider such an outing one that has positive bearing to the image of the State. One thing outstanding is that these two great participants, Miracle and Nina spoke highly of Imo State. They stood tall and proud of their State, in South Africa. This is the reason for the honour and to say welcome back home”.



  1. Yea, they made Imo state proud by having live sex on national TV! Amazing how we have thrown dignity and decency outta the window and now celebrate immorality and sexual perversion! Shame on u!

  2. So this is the way we’ll train our children. immorality of the highest level being celebrated by a governor. where are talents hunt,who wants to be a millionaire, spelling bee and the likes. Please stop this rubbish and wasting of money.

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