(Episode 30) The Marriage Battle … A Scratchy Story (SEASON 2)

Mami: Errmmm… Yes he did.

Kemi: Mom whats wrong, whats errmm he did which means he didn’t abi?

Mami: he didn’t because she didn’t let him. She went through all the process alone and I am to be blamed for all that happened.

Kemi: Are they having problems Mami?

Mami: Yes they are.

Kemi: Hmmm. Mami, I know that you never liked Adaobi right from day one but don’t you think you should let her be?

Mami: What do you mean?

Kemi: Mami, brother Ayo is married and has a family of his own, don’t you think its time you let him be and let him make his own decision concerning himself and family alone.

Mami: Are you trying to say that I have not been a good mother?

Kemi: No you haven’t. Listen Mami, when I went to school, I sat down and really taught about them and you,I realized that you have been the main person in their relationship instead of them. Mami, I know you never liked Adaobi but please, she doesn’t mean any harm, I see the way she loves and care for my brother and  I know that he is happy with the decision he made concerning settling down with her. You should let them be and let them enjoy their marriage.

Mami: Why are you telling me all this?

Kemi: Because I see the way you treat her and I see how you try as much as possible to make her be the bad person when you two have a misunderstanding. I am going to get married oneday and Mami please be sincere with me, would you want my mother-inlaw to treat me the way you treat her?

Mami: she dare not try it.

Kemi: You see! You have answered the question already. Just please Let her breathe and you know what?

Mami: What?

Kemi: That’s one of the reason I haven’t been home because I feel guilty about it all.

Mami: You should have told me earlier.

Kemi: ‘You wouldn’t have listened, you would have told me to shut up’ she said smiling.

Mami: Seems I have been a very bad person.

Kemi: I didn’t say so and your still my mother no matter what happens but let your son get the happiness he desires is all I ask.

Mami: Are you saying that Ayo isn’t happy?

Kemi: No man will be happy when home doesn’t feel like home anymore.


Later in the evening, Ayo came back home very late while his wife and child were fast asleep. He didn’t bother with dinner for he has already eaten while at work. He got dressed and went to sleep immediately. The following day when he woke up, he didn’t meet his child and wife and dialed their number for it was switched off again. He got ready, got dressed, had his breakfast and went to the hospital.

Ayo: Hi Mami, how are you doing and where is Kemi?

Mami: I am fine and Kemi went to school very early. You know she has exams to write by ten in the morning.

Ayo: Okay. Wow! Who brought this food here he looked at the food that was placed by her bedside ‘hmmm it’s your favorite, did Kemi bring this here?’

Mami: No she didn’t. I thought it was you?

Ayo: No! I am just entering here today.

Mami: Then it’s Adaobi, she may have come in and saw me sleeping.

Ayo: are you sure it’s my wife?

Mami: Yes she is. Kemi couldn have gone home when she slept here and that’s our flask.

Ayo: ‘Yes it is’ he said smiling.

Mami: can I ask you a question?

Ayo: You can ask me anything.

Mami: Are you really happy?

Ayo: Yes of course and why would you be asking me that?

Mami: are you happy Ayo?

Ayo: Mami I said I am very happy.

Mami: Have you been happy lately?

Ayo: Ermm, I guess so.

Mami: The truth Ayo.

Ayo: No Mami I haven’t been happy. My wife barely say one or two words to me and this days, the house seems to be uncomfortable to come to. I just wish there is something I could do to her to bring back that spark in our marriage and I can’t,I am helpless.

Mami: don’t worry, you will get back the joy in your home again.

Ayo: how Mami, my wife and I seems to be moving further away each day.

Mami: just let it be, she will come around.

Ayo: You think so?

Mami: I know so.

Later in the evening, after close of work Adaobi decided to go straight to the hospital.

Kemi: ‘Hello Sister Adaobi, I wasn’t expecting you to come over today’ she said smiling.

Adaobi: Good day Mami and how are you feeling today?

Mami: I am doing better by the day and thanks for the food you dropped by.

Adaobi: Oh Mami, its nothing.

Mami: it is to me. Errmmm Kemi, can you give us a few minutes alone?

Kemi: ‘Sure Mami’ she said as she carried Kunle from Adaobi’s hands and left them alone.

Mami: I have been wanting to talk to you this morning and I am glad I will do that now. Please sit down she instructed her.

Adaobi: Sat by her side and said ‘hope everything is okay?’

Mami: Yes, everything is fine. Its just that as soon as I get home, I will like to start making arrangement to go to my  own home, its been empty for a long while.

Adaobi: stared at her with confusion ‘what happened, why the change of heart?

Mami: I have thought about you and my son and I think it is time I let you live your lives. Listen Adaobi, I know you are still angry with me and your husband but that should end now. Whatever he may have done wrong was because he was following my instructions and if there is anyone who deserves any punishment, it is me for your husband needs you. You need to make your house a home again.

Adaobi: Why are you telling me all this?

Mami: Because I want my son to be happy and it seems he is always happy with you.

Adaobi: Why do you hate me so much?

Mami: Because I never liked igbo people but that is not the reason I asked you here. If you are waiting for an apology from me, you won’t get it, the least you can get is me leaving your house as soon as possible.

Adaobi: Looking at her mother in-law and realizing that they may never get along but she deciding to live her house was for everyone peace of mind and for her son’s happiness smiled ‘I don’t need your apology, I just want my husband back and if you saying you are leaving us, that to me is fine’.

The end!!!

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  1. Wow Atlas, Adaobi was able to get her home back. The fall really set Mami’s brain rightly and good words from u Kemi. Alot is learned, partainly on allowing mother in-law stay more in our home. Thanks to ALCs for d end. More wisdom to share another interesting one. #smiles.

  2. Wow.. What a story.. Thank God mami finally realize her mistakes.. Thank God for kemi too.. All the best and more grace to Adelove and crew

  3. Wow I guess dat fall had knocked some sense into mama`s head. Nice ending though, kudos to adelove & co. BBE- Best Blog Ever!

  4. Hmmmmmmm. I don’t like d fact that Adaobi and her husband scene was cut off jor. But nice story

  5. Finally. It comes to an end. The Flow made it difficult to enjoy this story. However, lessons have been learnt. Well done Ade love.

  6. I didn’t want the story to end, please continue twisting it, will come back morrow to read episode 31.tanks so much adelove for giving me something to look up to

  7. complete hatred for Igbo people. she should go jare. I didn’t enjoy the story bcoz inflow was delayed for too long.Anyways nice one

  8. Let me end Adaobi and Ayo part for u guys. Later dat evening Adaobi came back home quit early, cleaned the house and prepared her husband’s best meal, freshen up and was waiting for Ayo.
    Ayo came back later dat night, just on getting inside the house he could smell life. Just as he walke past the dinning table, seated was Adaobi, she wisphered “welcome horney” Ayo was surprised as he turned to see it was his most adored wife. He walk straight and knelt down to apologise once again with some tears in His eyes, as soon as Adaobi saw the man she cherish kneeling before her with a drop of tears from His eyes, the love for Her husband doubled and she rushed and raised him up his feat with tears in Her eyes she hug and kissed him so passiontely and d only thing she could wispher was i miss u so much, and i love u more baby. Later that night, it was time for dem to go to bed, Ayo came close and planted a kiss on His wife as they both cuddled and made passionate love . Ayo den said to Himselve finally i have found peace and Joy in my home. THE END. Adelove U guys are amazing and more grace to U guys. Mami if U like hate and hate na ur own headache. Soon u go kick GP tank. Kemi thank God U realised early that u will be married soon. Adaobi nice move of reconcillation. Ayo always be d man in charge and stop being mumi’s pupet. God bless u all.

  9. ugovictor, you need to be among Adelove crew members, you finalised everything.
    i learnt a lot of lessons from this story.
    Adelove and crew you guys are simply the best.

  10. Wow nice story adelove..u make my day always with ur stories. Have really learnt slot from this particular story. Keep doing the good work cos you guys are the best

  11. Wow it really end well, thanks to kemi that she reliase early that one day she will be married tooo

  12. The delay in update was overstretched and the end was so abrupt. I enjoyed the story though… a lot to learn.

  13. What I learn from this story is, when you are not liked by your in-laws it will always be so… Mami never come to like Adaobi she just let them be.

  14. Finally, been saying it since, Mami should go back to her house, even though, she didn’t like igbo’s like she said, but seeing each other once in a while would have been better, not she staying put in their house…. weldone, ADELOVE, More ink to ur pen.

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