APC members are not thieves like others – Osinbajo

Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo says members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) are not thieves.

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Osinbajo said this while monitoring the APC ward congresses in Eti Osa local government area of Lagos state.

The vice-president said the APC government is different from any other administration in the past.

“In terms of progress, whatever we do must be the best, our schools, hospitals and roads must be the best. So we have to put in the resources. And we can do that, very very possible,” he said.

“As I have been saying all over the country, the difference between us and any other government is that we will not steal the money. We must be confident.

“We came to find out how things are going, to hear the good news that all our ward congresses are going on very peacefully without any rancour and problems. We are confident in our party and the reason we are confident is that we are not thieves, we are different and we want to serve the people and the people know we want to serve them.

“With everything we have, we would serve the people. We will make sure we provide everything necessary. And I pray that everyone of us will see and benefit in the goodness of this land. None of us would be left behind. We would all see the blessings together.

“Our party is a great party and it will become greater and greater still. What we must achieve in Lagos and other parts of the country is that we must be the best, in everything we do we must be the best.”

Osinbajo said the APC is making progress with the ward congresses.

“I have seen that we held these congresses peacefully. I am very happy to be here, to see that our party is making progress and is doing very well,” he said.

“The Lord God Almighty will help us, He will help your children, we will see the goodness in this land, in our own lifetime. We will enjoy, suffering must end, progress must continue.”



  1. VP Prof Osinbajo, you may want to say “majority” of members because in every twelve there will be a Judas.

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