See video of Herdsmen who killed Catholic priests and 17 parishioners, dancing wearing the church’s choir robes

Media personality and scholar, Farooq Kperogi, shared a purported video of the herdsmen who killed two catholic priests and 17 parishioners in Benue state on April 24th (read here), dancing and jubilating wearing the church’s choir robes.

Media personality, Farooq Kperogi, shares purported video of Herdsmen who killed Catholic priests and 17 parishioners, dancing wearing the church

Farooq who shared the purported video online, wrote;

”This is a video of Fulfulde- and Hausa-speaking men, presumably cattle herders, who recently murdered 19 Benue people in their church, took over their choir instruments and church garments, and recorded themselves dancing derisorily over their murderous exploit. In this age of pervasive digital manipulation, I usually withhold credulity and judgment over videographic and photographic evidence, but this video seems to me credible. What I can’t ascertain is if the gun-toting, deliriously gyrating, Fulfulde- and Hausa-speaking men in this video are the murderers of the Catholic priests and 17 parishioners in the Mbalom community of Benue on April 24, 2018. If they are (and my hunch tells me they are) the impunity is at once conscienceless and incendiary. (Can any Fulfulde-speaking person help translate what people in the video are saying? MD Aminu, can you help?) We certainly can’t continue like this. No nation can survive this level of barbarous, unchecked sanguinary fury. The federal government MUST use this video to hunt down the murderous thugs and bring them to justice forthwith. That’s the only way to avert an endless cycle of reprisal and retaliation.”



  1. The federal government is not willing to do anything so far it has to do with his brothers the herdsmen

  2. The security agencies should use this video as a lead to tracing these notorious culprits and also ensure that they’re brought to book.

  3. @Valerian, you better don’t waist your time waiting for mole sent by a bloodsucking paymaster. They won’t contribute to anything that would affect the ambition of their ethnic cleansing and religious bigot PMB. We know the trend, they only wanted to infiltrate citizens media to re-market a dead product. Don’t worry in due course they shall get paid

  4. The problem of Nigeria is majorly the vacuity of contemplative and introspective ideation in governance at all levels. The most populous black nation that does not have a statistical database of her citizens with fingerprints synchronized with demographics is a joke.
    These Mephistopheles dancing in full glare of cameras have their fingerprints stamped all over the church, yet the languorous security apparatus still remains clueless as to their whereabout.
    80% of Nigerians have their fingerprints with the banks, inec, and countless institutions across the land that could be consolidated into a security databank. This is not a rocket science but a vestige of cluelessness.
    To think that Lagos as the second largest economy in Africa doesn’t have CCTV camera in every public space gives fillip to the most unthinkable.
    I was miffed when Gov Ambode spent over #4B on police vehicles and hardware without giving any thought to soft and most important security architecture which is intelligence.
    What has Lagos done with the unwieldy array of hereditaments other than impose exploitative tax and Landuse charge on title holders?
    Criminals, armed robbers, kidnappers live in such houses, they do bank transactions everyday yet the police is cascading the spectrum of the city in high decibel of siren leaving the criminals with the luxury of visually projected spectacle.

  5. Ed will be waiting to comment when pastors are discussing tithe and his brothers are sucking blood, mundane things, but when its of national interest his brain will suffer ED (Erectile dysfunctional. His unborn generation will never forgive him. Hes devil incarnate

  6. Please, in as much I have never share the same view with Ed once on this platform, I believe every one is entitled to his opinion and that is what he is doing. We can as well share ours without calling names and throwing insult at each other because that’s what Nigerian leaders want, why they carry on with their loot and cluelessness they want us to be fighting and insulting ourselves. One thing I know for sure all Nigerian leaders past and present will pay for their wrong doings some day and it’s very close.

  7. My opinion is these murderers are not herdsmen but a sect of Boko Haram. Herdsmen rarely abandon their cattle to go on such rampage nonetheless, the Govenment MUST fish out these murderers immediately. Be they, heardsman, BH, or common criminals.

    • Thank you, veryJack Daniel, for your comments. We are missing the point here concentration on herdsmen and failing to understand that it is Boko Haram that has disguised themselves as Herdmen. In my opinion, they have baptized themselves in another form to carry out their killings and Nigerians and the government are just watching saying it is farmers/herdsmen clashes. We will wait until when it is too late that when we will begin an aggressive attack. This was the same scenario with Boko Haram in Maiduguri and now see where we are. As to this video we are watching, this may be killers dancing in the choir uniform but not from this church where the priests and 15 others were killed. The church where these parishioners were murdered is practically a local church that does not wear choir uniforms like this. The church is from my hometown and my house is just less than 20mins away from its premises. People should please give us accurate information of where videos like this are taken to avoid creating tensions, hatred, and fighting amongst us on social media.

  8. It’s really unfortunate that most of us are exhibiting their intellectual laziness on this platform. I do not owe any idiot any appologies for my views on any issues posted on this forum or anywhere for that matter, I also don’t begrudge of anyone on whatever views he holds. I am only pained when whatever is delivered in very bad English. So can therefore insult yourselves, make whatever insinuations, it will never change the way I view things happening around me as a man of principles and a deep thinker that I am. My advice: if you are not comfortable with my comments, for any reason, don’t read them just like I no longer read the comments of some of us who over time. I struggle so much to make sense out of what they write because their written english is terrible! Finally, the choice of what I comment on rests with me and me alone,so all those num-skulls should get that into their saw-dust-filled brains.

  9. @Ed I personally don’t believe that all this killing are been carryout alone by headmen there must be others sponsored militants group behind the killing,
    the blood of innocent people that was killed
    will surely expose them all .

  10. I commiserate with this country. I simpatie with the berieved as well. Who is this ED and What does the ED mean? Anyway some people want him to comment and he just did that without addressing any issue other than the fact that he was painful by some people’ comments who in the same vain are entitled to their opinions. Government has shown by way of conspiracy of silence that she taciturnly supports the mayhem or how do you assess a government whose Citizenship die on daily basis in the hands of some terrorist and all she could do was to look the other way. The chicken will soon come to roost and ye! Every will go tend to his tent.

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