(Episode 2) Deep Sea of Secrets

(Episode 2) Deep Sea of Secrets

Mama Nnamdi: Ehen, what was the result of the test?

Nnamdi: What do you mean shattered your life because you know I already have a son outside marriage.

Ifeoma: Yes I know Nnamdi, I know that because that was what you wanted to believe.

Nnamdi: What do you mean?

Ifeoma: While I remained married and faithful to you, you called me a barren wife. While I looked for solution to our problems, you went ahead to sleep with anything and anyone on skirt. You betrayed the trust I had in you.  You and your mother made a fool of me by wanting to bring another woman into my home and when she couldn’t succeed, that was when your mistress decided to carry your child, how unbelievable.

Nnamdi: But atleast, she was and still faithful for I am the only man in her life and she has my son.

Ifeoma: ‘Oh! Poor you Nnamdi’ she smiled ‘I have no regrets having an affair with another man because by  doing so, I have three wonderful kids and I am ready to leave this marriage without looking back.

Nnamdi: ‘And that is what and how it will be. I do not want to ever see your face again’ he spat at her ‘I should have married her long long ago, I should have listened to my mother’ he screamed.

Ifeoma: will you really want to marry her after you find out the truth?

Mama Nnamdi: What truth? What truth you this witch?

Ifeoma: you really want to know Mama, you want to know the truth about your son?

Nnamdi: What are you talking about?

Ifeoma: ‘the day  my whole life shattered was the day the test result came out that your loving son Mama’ she said looking straight into her eyes ‘cannot father a child’.

Nnamdi: You’re lying, you’re a big liar. I have a son?

Ifeoma: Well then, take that child to the hospital and conduct a test. If the result is positive, good for you and if it is negative, I wish you all the best in this life but know one thing, I and my children are leaving you for good either way.

Mama Nnamdi: ‘Hey! Chineke! My enemies are at it oooo, my enemies have finally succeeded in ruining my life and family ooooo. Chineke mo! What do I do now oooo’ she wailed and cried.

Nnamdi: it’s a lie Mama, don’t believe anything this woman has said, she is evil and wicked and she will do anything to bring anyone down with her. Don’t listen to her.

Mama Nnamdi: I am finished oooo. Nnamdi what if what she says is true oooo.

Nnamdi: ‘Mama it is not true, I have had affairs with countless women and they have had abortions for me. I cannot be impotent’ he insisted.

First Elder: Mama Nnamdi, calm down and let us think of a way forward. Turning to Ifeoma he said ‘My daughter are you sure of this recent allegations you just made’?

Ifeoma: ‘My elders’ she bow her head ‘until a test is carried out on the said matter, I will not say anything anymore’.

Second Elder: What is the point doing a test when we can just go to our village spiritualist and get everything over and done with.

Nnamdi: My elders, please I would like to find out if these allegations are true and will require that this meeting be adjourned immediately.

Second Elder: ‘hmmm! Wonders will never end!’ He sighed and shook his head

First Elder: What and how do you want to find out the truth?

Nnamdi: I will have to go for a medical checkup and also do a DNA test on my son Osita.

Second Elder: you mean the child you had with your mistress?

Nnamdi: Yes!

First Elder: ‘if that is the case, then this meeting will continue in three weeks. Until all allegations has been verified and proven, there is nothing anyone or anybody will do or say. If the situation gets out of hand, we will have to invite Igwe to the matter’. The Elders came to an agreement and left the premises where the meeting is being held while Ifeoma left Nnamdi and Mama to her place.

Nnamdi: ‘Mama get up’ he said to his mother who was still crying ‘get up and let us go home’ for the meeting was been held in the village town hall.

Mama Nnamdi: Hey! Nnamdi, what is happening to us?

Nnamdi: Mama don’t worry yourself about it, I know Ifeoma is lying and not to worry, I will bring good news to you when next the meeting is held. She will be put to shame. Don’t worry yourself about anything.


Mama Ifeoma: ‘Ifeoma my daughter, what was the pronouncement on you? What did they say they will do to you eh?’ She asked her daughter when she came into the house.

Ifeoma: Pronouncement has not been made or anything till three weeks. Where is everybody in the house?

Mama Ifeoma: who else is in the house if not your aunt who went out. Why was pronouncement not made, what really happened?

Ifeoma: Nothing happened Mama, I simply told everyone the truth.

Mama Ifeoma: Truth about the man you had an affair with? Who is the man in question?

Ifeoma: Mama, i will tell you everything when the time comes but now is not the time.

Mama Ifeoma: Why is that so Ifeoma, am I not your mother? why won’t you tell me what and who the stupid man you had an affair with is ?

Ifeoma: Mama, I will tell you but not now.

Mama Ifeoma: Okay oooo. I can see you have made up your mind but also know that when this is over, I want you and your children to go back to who you started all this thing with.

Ifeoma: Mama, you do not need to worry. Once all this is over, I am going back to Lagos to continue my life with my children. I am simply waiting for the verdict of my kinsmen.

Mama Ifeoma: it seems you are not regretting your actions?

Ifeoma: Mama I have regretted enough. I cannot keep crying and wishing for death when I have my children to cater for. The only regret I have at the moment is that I should never have married Nnamdi in the first place. He has ridiculed, humiliated me in ways I cannot imagine and neither can I forgive and I am everly ready for this marriage to pack up.

Mama Ifeoma: So because he has not been an honest and faithful man, is that the reason  why you will bring such shame to him and yourself? Do you know what people are saying about you?

Ifeoma: They can say what they want to say Mama, I don’t care anymore. The only good thing that came out of this marriage is my children and for them I am grateful for all the trails and tribulation. Agreed, what I did was wrong but is anyone ever looking at the man and what he did? He defiled my marriage bed Mama, he went ahead to sleep with anything and anyone on skirt and had the guts to tell me to my face how many women has committed abortions for him. He called me barren and humiliated me so much that I became a shadow of myself.

Mama Ifeoma: Even at that….

Ifeoma: ‘Mama’ she interrupted ‘I am ready for the consequences of my actions.

Mama Ifeoma: When is the next meeting?

Ifeoma: In three weeks Mama

Mama Ifeoma: Why is that so?

Ifeoma: Because I told them Nnamdi cannot father a child.

Mama Ifeoma: What?


Mama Nnamdi: Nnamdi, I think you should call your brother who is out of the country to come home immediately.

Nnamdi: Mama, is that really necessary, I don’t want him to just fly into Nigeria when I know that soon all these will come to an end.

Mama Nnamdi: it is better he comes and sees what is happening instead of him hearing it from someone else. You both are all I have and I do not want anything to happen to you people.

Nnamdi: if you say so Mama, I will call him and inform him of everything. Let him decide if he wants to come home himself.

Mama Nnamdi: Your brother Obi is the only sibling you have in this world. I do not want to hear that both of you drifted apart even while I am gone.

Nnamdi: Mama, I don’t like the way you are sounding, you sound like you are dying the next minute. Just don’t start this your sermon of preaching about death. I know you are worried about the result of the test and you shouldn’t be. It will work in our favor you will see it. I can boldly say that I am a father to Osita.

Mama Nnamdi: What if the result is negative?

Nnamdi: it won’t be.

Question: Do you think Ifeoma could be right?

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  1. Ifeoma could be right.
    D world always have something 2 say about an unfaithful woman but not 2 an unfaithful man.

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