(Episode 7) Deep Sea of Secrets

(Episode 7) Deep Sea of Secrets

Nnamdi: is this a joke or what Obi, what kind of question are you asking Mama?

Obi: ‘No it is no joke’ he said to Nnamdi ‘we may share the same mother but we definitely do not share the same father’ he said boldly.

Nnamdi: Mama, tell me what Obi is saying is a lie, prove him wrong please.

Mama Nnamdi: I am finished oooo. what did I do to deserve all this?

Nnamdi: Mama will you speak up biko, is what Obi saying true?

Mama Nnamdi: ‘Nnamdi my son, where do I start from’ she lamented.

Nnamdi: ‘Mama Speak up please, is what Obi saying true and who is my real father’ he shouted.

Mama Nnamdi: I thought I will go to my grave with this secret oooo. How will I explain it to you for you to understand biko nu!

Nnamdi: So what Nnamdi is saying is true? Chei! I am dead. First it was my wife and now, it is my own mother. My own mother! the woman whom  I could give myself  for. Who is my father and you better start talking because nobody is going anywhere today oooo until you explain who my real father is and the reason why you never made it known to me.

Third Elder: Hia! What kind of family is this, from one secret to another. Mama Nnamdi, what have you got to say to us?

Mama Nnamdi: ‘I am finished oooo’ she rolled on the ground ‘I am finished oooo ‘she wailed and cried while her two sons watched her in awe.

Nnamdi: Mama will you speak up, who is my father?

Mama Nnamdi: ‘your father is Mr. Chikwedum. He is your real father’ she finally let out the secret she has kept hidden for more than 20years.

Nnamdi: Mr. Chikwedum? Papa’s bestfriend?

Mama Nnamdi: ‘Yes oooo my son’ she wailed ‘ yes oooo, he is your real father’.

First Elder: Wonder will never end. So You mean to tell each and every one of us here that Mr. Chikwedum is Nnamdi’s Father? How come?

Nnamdi: ‘No no no! I don’t believe it. Tell me it is not true Mama, tell me it is a lie Mama, Please tell me’ he said soberly.

Mama Nnamdi: Nnamdi I am sorry, I never wanted you to find out the truth. Please forgive me.

Nnamdi: Forgive you ? first it was my wife, then my brother and now, you Mother?

Mama Nnamdi: Nnamdi, it is not what you think, it is not what you think oooo.

Nnamdi: ‘What do you want me to think Mama, what do you want me to think’ he shouted. Mr. Chiwedum my father when all this while I thought my father was actually the man you married but instead it’s his best friend? Oh! How Papa will be crying in his grave right now for what you just confirmed.

Mama Nnamdi: Nnamdi it is not what you think oooo, it is not what you think ooooo she cried.

Nnamdi: I do not have to think of anything because you betrayed him. You betrayed him and everyone.

First Elder: Nnamdi calm down.

Nnamdi: Calm down you say? How can I calm down when my wife gave me three wonderful kids that are not mine, my brother happens to be their father and now, I just found out that my own mother, my own mother has lied to me all my life. The man whom I looked up to, who made me what I am today and whom I called father is actually not my real father, how do you think I feel right now?

Second Elder: Nnamdi, it is a bitter pill to swallow even me sef, I am short of words but you need to calm down and let us think things through.

Nnamdi: Looking at his mother walked away from them telling the elders present that he needs to think and the meeting should be scheduled some other time.

First Elder: I thought today will be the last day of this meeting but since a new discovery has been made, I am afraid that this meeting will hold but in three weeks.

Second Elder: Ermmm but I want to ask a question oooo.

Third Elder: Go ahead, what is it you want to ask?

Second Elder: Obi my son, why did you do it? Why did you have to disgrace your mother in this horrible manner?

Obi: My elders, it is true that she is my mother but where she has also disgraced another woman who is also a mother and her son happens to help her in doing so, isn’t it best that since she could do it this way, same thing should also apply to her?

First Elder: is that the reason why you should go ahead and open her secrets for us all?

Obi: No it isn’t but that is part of it.

Third Elder: then what really made you do this?

Obi: because I overheard her saying nothing in this world will make anyone know her secret. She said she is willing to do anything to make this secret remain hidden and ever since then, I have been afraid of my mother because if she knew that I am aware of this, I am afraid she may kill me but now that it is in the open, I am more safer.

First Elder: Are you saying or rather, are you telling us that if your mother knew you are aware of her secrets, she is likely to harm you in a way?

Obi: Hmmm, I am afraid so.

Second Elder: Your own mother?

Obi: ‘My mother’ he nodded his head.

First Elder: Why this accusation?

Obi: Because it was one of the reason why my father died of his ailment.

Third Elder: Are you saying your father knew?

Obi: Yes, he was the one that told me about it. At first, I didn’t believe him but after his death, I put two and two together and confirmed that all he said was really true.

Second Elder: and your mother never knew that he is aware of this secret?

Obi: No she doesn’t.

First Elder: if that is the case, then this case will continue in three weeks and in the meantime, Ifeoma, you are to be here because you are still family until your bride price has been returned and you too Obi, you will be there for we have a lot of unanswered question which you and your family members will have to answer to.

Mama Ifeoma: My elders, what about my grandchildren, who will be taking care of them and who should they be with at this time?

Second Elder: Where are they at the moment?

Ifeoma: Who is in shock after hearing the confession of her mother in-law answered ‘they are with a friend of mine.

First Elder: then let them continue remaining there till this issue is resolved.

Third Elder: ‘In that case, let us have a nice day’ he said as they all stood up to take their leave. Each and every one of them left in their own thought.


The few days that followed was the worst for Mama Nnamdi, her two son’s made sure they kept away from each other and none of them said a word to her even though Nnamdi has so many questions to ask but couldn’t bring himself to  do so for he was still surprised at the discovery.

One evening while Mama was waiting for Nnamdi to come home for it was late and she was worried, Nnamdi walked in drunk.

Mama Nnamdi: My son, where have you been to? Where are you coming from this time of the night?

Nnamdi: ‘Don’t ask me stupid questions Mama’ he stammered and staggered towards his room.

Mama Nnamdi: Trying to hold him so that he won’t fall called out to him ‘Nnamdi, this is not you; you are not a drunkard, what happened to you?

Nnamdi: Don’t touch me filthy woman he moved away from her ‘you and my wife are filthy.

Question: Hmm…

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  1. Hmmmmmmm….. too many secrets in the family… so mama was a sinner and was casting stone at ifeoma. it is well.

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