(Episode 8) Deep Sea of Secrets

Mama Nnamdi: Nnamdi please give me a chance to explain what really happened.

Nnamdi: Explained? What is there to explain Mama, what is there to explain?

Mama Nnamdi: Atleast here my own side of the story then you will know the reason why I did what I did.

Nnamdi: I really want to hear you tell me all of it but I will be wait till the next meeting so that you will tell your shameful act to the whole world.

Mama Nnamdi: If that is what you want but atleast give me the chance to tell it to you first.

Nnamdi: Why should I Mama? Why should I?

Mama Nnamdi: Because I am your mother and I will never lie to you.

Nnamdi: did you just say you will never lie to me?

Mama Nnamdi: Yes I just did. Listen Nnamdi, I may have done so many terrible things but no matter what I do, I love you will all my heart and…

Nnamdi: Spare me all the love talk Mama, you lied to me about who I really am and what makes you think I will want to listen to all you have to say.

Mama Nnamdi: because you have the chance to and it is your right.

Nnamdi: Why Mama, why he asked soberly ‘why did you hide this from me all my life’?

Mama Nnamdi: I never wanted you to know the truth because I am afraid of this.

Nnamdi: Of what?

Mama Nnamdi: of you hating me and the truth shattering you.

Nnamdi: but I still have every right to know no matter what. All this while you have hidden what is most important to me and my life. Why Mama, why?

Mama Nnamdi: I do not have any reason to have hidden it from you but the reason I did was so that you could have and live a normal life.

Nnamdi: Whatever Mama, whatever. What you did is so wrong. You have shattered me and my existence.

Mama Nnamdi: I am sorry my son, I really am.

Nnamdi: Does Papa know that I was never his real son, that Obi was and will forever be his real son?

Mama Nnamdi: Not to my knowledge. I do not even know how your brother knew.

Nnamdi: Because Papa told him and he said it was one of the reasons Papa died the way he did.

Mama Nnamdi: ‘I am sorry Nnamdi, I am so sorry. I never knew. Please Forgive me’ she cried.

Nnamdi: Does my real father know that I am his child?

Mama Nnamdi: Wiping the tears in her eyes said ‘yes he knows’.

Nnamdi: ‘You disgust me Mama, you really disgust me’ he said and staggered to his room.


The following day,Obi got dressed and went to pay a visit to Ifeoma who was staying with her mother pending when her case will be over.

Ifeoma: ‘Obi, what are you doing here’ she asked when she asked ushered him into their house while Mama Ifeoma was in the room still sleeping.

Obi: I came to see you and how you are faring.

Ifeoma: We are doing fine but you shouldn’t be here before tongues start wagging, I don’t want more trouble oooo.

Obi: Relax Ifoema, I didn’t come here for anything other than to know how you and everyone including my kids are doing.

Ifeoma: We are doing fine, please sit.

Obi: sat down and looked at how Untidy Ifeoma has been ‘you are not looking too good yourself’.

Ifeoma: I have been through a lot but I will survive.

Obi: I am sorry for all that you are going through because of me.

Ifeoma: it’s not really your fault; I am also to be blamed.

Obi: How are my children and when can I really see them?

Ifeoma: They are in Lagos with a friend of mine. I just want all this to be over and done with.

Obi: it will soon be and don’t worry, your lives will come back together again.

Ifeoma: I hope so oooo.

Obi: Errmm, where is Mama?

Ifeoma: She is still sleeping in her room.

Obi: ‘Alright’ he said and kept quiet.

Ifeoma: Can I ask you a question?

Obi: What is it?

Ifeoma: Did you really have to disgrace your mother like that?

Obi: Did the both of them also have to disgrace you like that?

Ifeoma: I can handle it but I am not sure your mother can. Why did you have to let out her secret?

Obi: I did it so that Nnamdi my brother will know the truth and to be sincere, it was high time the truth be told.

Ifeoma: For how long have you know?

Obi: for a very  long time. My dad was actually the person who told me and it made him miserable. I really do not know why he never confronted her.

Ifeoma: Would it have made any difference if he had?

Obi: Yes it would have.  My father knew right from the beginning that Nnamdi was never his child but why he kept it secret is a thing I never knew even till this moment and I hope that my mother will at least know.

Ifeoma: Have you asked her?

Obi: I haven’t been able to face any of them since I came home. My mother hates me for revealing her secrets and my brother on the other hand also hates me for sleeping with his wife. I am sort of the bad person here.

Ifeoma: I am sorry for your misfortune.

Obi: its okay, I can handle it.

Ifeoma:  I hope you sort out issues with them for they are your family.

Obi: I will but it will take time and you are also my family too.

Ifeoma: you should do and get married oooo.

Obi: I don’t think I want another woman.

Ifeoma: What do you mean? Do you have one already?

Obi: of course I have a woman in my life.

Ifeoma: Really?

Obi: Yes.

Ifeoma: who is she and where is she from?

Obi: with time, you will know her. How are you going to cope when everything is over?

Ifeoma: I really don’t know but first thing first, I will make sure that my kids are okay wherever they are and I will put myself together and start life all over again.

Obi: in that case, when all this is over, I will let you know who my woman is.

Question: wow! it’s getting hawter biko! Are you feeling the heat?

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    • Am feeling d story o, i think Ifeoma is d woman Obi is speaking of. We are waiting 4 d next meeting

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