You cannot compare Buhari with Obasanjo – Fani-Kayode

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has insisted that no one should compare President Muhammadu Buhari with former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

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In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Fani-Kayode listed the achievements of both men while in power.

“Obasanjo was in power from 1976 to 1979.He did very well and he handed over power to a democratically elected Govt. Buhari toppled that govt in 1983 and terrorised and killed Nigerians for 2 years until he himself was removed in a military coup by his collegues in the army.

“Obasanjo was elected President in 1999 and remained in power till 2007. He did exceptionally well,repaired and strengthed our economy, built up our foreign reserves, paid off our foreign debts, restored our pride and reputation in the int. communuty and so much more.

“Buhari was elected President in 2015 and divided the country, destroyed our economy, preached hatred, presided over genocide, stole money and hunted his perceived enemies like animals. Buhari is not 10 per cent of the man that OBJ is. When compared to OBJ Buhari is nothing,” he wrote.

This is coming at a time President Buhari hinted on the possibility of probing Obasanjo over the failed $16 billion power project.

In response, Obasanjo mocked Buhari, noting that he was ready to be probed.



  1. Femi Fani-Kayode, your uncured madness always manifests whenever you open your mouth and say something. What a pity!

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