(Episode 12) Deep Sea of Secrets

(Episode 12) Deep Sea of Secrets

Chiwedum: then why are you here if you really do not want to hear all of this?

Nnamdi: I came here because I wanted to know the truth. I wanted it not to be true.

Chiwedum: am afraid it is the truth.

Nnamdi: if that is the case, you are summoned by the village elders in two weeks. We will meet there then.

Chiwedum: for what? Why the igwe?

Nnamdi: because we need to find out if my kids will be mine or if they will belong to another.

Chiwedum: what do you mean another?

Nnamdi: ‘it’s obvious that you aren’t even aware of all that is going on, I guess you should call the woman you cheated on my father with for her to explain better to you’ he said and walked away.


For days, Nnamdi kept to himself away from his mother and his brother. He hardly stays in the family house except when he is drunk and sober that he comes home late at night shouting and crying saying all the people he loves betrayed him, the one person he taught he could call family and give his all to. This makes his mother so mad at herself that she became a shadow of herself and more withdrawn.

Obi seeing how the family has become ever since his mother told the truth felt pity for his mother and mostly his brother, decided to have a talk with him.

Obi: one morning he stood up, went over to his brother room and woke him up ‘wake up, I need us to talk please’.

Nnamdi: What do you want us to talk about or is there more secret that I need to know?

Obi: No, it’s nothing like that. I just need us to talk about something.

Nnamdi: ‘what is it’ he asked as he sat up on his bed.

Obi: sitting down close to him said ‘I am sorry for all that has happened’.

Nnamdi: for sleeping with my wife behind my back for years?

Obi: ‘yes, for having an affair with your wife for years’ he said with head bent.

Nnamdi: ‘how did you even do it’ he asked shaking his head ‘how did you do it with my wife, weren’t you feeling guilty’.

Obi: believe me I was at a time but that is not the reason why I want to talk to you.

Nnamdi: then why do you want to talk to me, to claim my children too?

Obi: no, that is not it.

Nnamdi: ‘then what is it’ he snapped.

Obi: it’s about Mama, I think you should find a place to forgive her and talk to her. She is becoming a shadow of herself and I am afraid of what it will do to her health.

Nnamdi: I don’t care whatever happens to her, she deserves it, she deserves worse.

Obi: Nnamdi I know that you are very angry at Mama but please consider forgiving her.

Nnmadi: why should I forgive her or any of you, after all what you all did to me behind my back?

Obi: I can understand it if you can’t forgive me but not your own mother.

Nnamdi: you all lied to me about my existence and everything.

Obi: we all know what we did and didn’t do but you have to try and forgive us no matter what, remember we are family.

Nnamdi: Family you say? I am not family because if I am family to you guys, you wouldn’t treat me and hurt me this way.

Obi: I am here because of Mama, she is your mother.

Nnamdi: and I said I am not forgiving her.

Obi: you know, I think I understand why she did what she did.

Nnamdi: what do you mean?

Obi: if she hasn’t done what she did, I don’t think you would have gotten the kind of life you had. She did what she did because she wanted the best for you and all of us.

Nnamdi: by marrying our father while she was still with a child?

Obi: Yes Nnamdi. As at the time when Mama decided to Marry Papa, Uncle Chiwedum was barely a farmer. Think about it and take a good look at your step brothers and sisters, how has life been with them.

Nnamdi: it is true that I was more opportune because of the decision she made, I went to the best school and it made me possible for me to work in a reputable organization plus I am also well-established but that doesn’t still justify her actions.

Obi: Yes it doesn’t but she did it because she loves you.

Nnamdi: or because she couldn’t marry an Osu.

Obi: that is also part of it.

Nnamdi: but she kept it hidden, she should have told me when I was old enough.

Obi: and you would have still felt miserable about it which she was trying to avoid.

Nnamdi: what she did was wrong.

Obi:  I know but she is still our mother and deserves a second chance.

Nnamdi: ‘Hmmm’ he said looking at him ‘are you inlove with my wife?’

Obi: why are you asking?

Nnamdi: because if you are, I am never going to share her with you ever again.

Obi: I do not have a problem with that.

Nnamdi: do you still want my children?

Obi: they are my kids Nnamdi. I may not be able to claim them according to tradition or anything but they will forever remain my kids.

Nnamdi: I am their father and it will remain that way forever.

Obi: I am not here to fight with you concerning that, I just want you to forgive Mama and let by gone be by gone.

Nnamdi: I will think about it but just because she is my mother doesn’t mean things will ever remain the same again.

Obi: Understood.

Nnamdi: same goes to you too.

Obi: ‘Understood’ he said and left his room.


Few days later, Nnamdi went to Ifeoma’s house to pay her a visit.

Mama Ifeoma: ‘Yes, what can I do for you’ she asked as she opened her door to him.

Nnamdi: Mama Good day.

Mama Ifeoma: Good day to you too, what are you doing here?

Nnamdi: I came to see my wife.

Mama Ifeoma: which wife?

Nnamdi: Mama I came to see Ifeoma my wife.

Question: Hmm…

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    • My dear, what Adelove did is like a man who was married to a woman for many years, he now net a younger and more beautiful lady. As a result of the attraction he completely abandoned the first wife

  3. Nnamdi is at the middle of nowhere but if a man could brag that he slept with other women to the extent of having a child outside his matrimonial home hmmmmmmmm he is not fit for a hubby

  4. Nnamdi is only trying to cover up his shame,he can never love those kids n Ifeoma again.If he can regain his fertility,he will throw them out.

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