Please don’t run against me in 2019 election – Buhari begs Nigerian Youths

President Muhammadu Buhari may have assented to the ‘Not too young to run’ bill but he is not keen on running against Nigerian youth just yet.

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The president, who will seek reelection in 2019, has appealed to the youth to pace themselves and study the lay of the land before flooding the political space.

As Buhari signed the “landmark piece of legislation conceived, championed and accomplished by young Nigerians,” he asked for a favour; Nigerian youth should slow-pedal their ambition for now.

He said: “I am confident each one of you will transform Nigeria in your own way – whether through media, agricultural enterprise, economists, engineers, or as lawmakers in your states or at federal levels, or as state governors – and even someday, as president. Why not?

“But please, can I ask you to postpone your campaigns till after the 2019 elections.”

The president also made sure to let the youth understand that they have not arrived the promised land and that the next phase of the clamour for elective office will not be a walk in the park.

“It is only the beginning; there is still a lot of work ahead,” he said.

The signing took place on Thursday at the presidential villa in Abuja.



  1. Is he afraid of losing out to a youngerNigerian? No need begging, let his “achievements” do the talking for or against him. Instead of begging, let Nigerians decide who steers the ship of our country come 2019…

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