Nigerian policeman takes N20,000 bribe to release driver of a ‘stolen’ car (Video)

In this undercover video recorded with an hidden camera by investigative journalist Fisayo Soyombo, he drove from Abuja to Lagos without any vehicle documents, bribing his way through all police check points.

A Nigerian policeman who identified himself as Gambo, one of “at least 22 policemen” manning the police checkpoint at Iwo Road, Ibadan, collects N20,000 bribe to set free the driver of a car he himself admits may have been stolen.

The policeman also gave the driver tips on how to avoid other policemen.

Fisayo ended up spending N46,000 as bribe in total after arriving Lagos safely with the car, he returned to Abuja scot-free with it — and this is despite passing through a whopping 86 checkpoints in a journey of over 1,600km that lasted a cumulative 28hours 17minutes.



  1. What a pity for our nation Nigeria, when those that are supposed to protect us and our properties are conniving with robbers

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