Fayose places curses on politicians

Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has placed curses on any politician, including himself, who is planning to mar the July 14 governorship poll in the state and with violence with the aim denying the people the free will to elect a new leader.

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Governor Fayose said: “This state deserves peace, people of Ekiti deserves peace. anybody that brings violence to this state would come under the judgement of God. Anybody that attempt to manipulate this state would come under the judgement of God.

” We hand Ekiti over to God and we pray that anybody, including myself and any other politician that bring violence to this state would face the judgement of God, “he said.

The Governor made the remarks while presenting the candidates of his party, Prof. Olusola Kolapo Eleka, governorship flag bearer, and 39-year-old Kazeem Ayodeji Ogunsakin, deputy governorship candidate to the Ewi of Ado, Oba Rufus Aladesanmi Adejugbe, monarch of Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State capital and most populous town in the state.

Fayose , on Monday night, handed the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)’s candidates to the Ewi-in-Council, body of traditional chiefs assisting the monarch, who in turn, presented them to the Ewi as tradition requires.

Governor Fayose also explained reasons why he threw his weight behind the Deputy Governorship candidacy 39-year old Ogunsakin, stating that the fact that he came from Ado Ekiti which gave him the largest votes in 2014, and also a Muslim representing the Muslim community and most importantly, that he is a young man who would represent the Not-too-Young to run ambition are considerations that informed the support.

“Ordinarily, we wouldn’t have supported Ogunsakin but for the fact that he has performed admirably well as Chairman of Ado Local Government Area and hails from the town, which gave me highest votes to re-elect me in 2014, and also the fact that he served well as Head of Due Process in my cabinet, and also that he is a Muslim who represents the interest of the hitherto neglected Muslim community in Ekiti and most importantly, I want to actualize the dream of our youths who have clamoured for concrete and active representation in government. I am not a kind of person who makes promise and not fulfill it. With 39-year old Ogunsakin, we have shown to the world that really want the youth to participate in government in support of the not too young to run law.”

Fayose who expressed confidence that the PDP candidates would get overwhelming support of the people of Ado Ekiti where Ogunsakin hails from and Ikere-Ekiti, being the second largest in population to Ado Ekiti in the state and where the governorship candidate, Prof. Olusola hails from, said: “I am a chief of the Ewi’s palace. Beyond that I am also the governor of the state. We have to do things properly and bring our deputy governorship candidate, 39-year old Kazeem Ayodeji Ogunsakin, who is an indigene of Ado Ekiti, and a Muslim from this community, to the Kabiyesi.

”If you look at the impact we have made in this palace you would know that they would forever remember us for our giants strides.

”Continuity is good for the state and for a professor who has made great impact for the state in education and also for Ogunsakin, they are a perfect combination to continue our good works and even do it better.”

Responding, The Ewi of Ado, thanked Governor Fayose for the many capital projects he has put in place to beautify the capital city and prayed for him.



  1. Fayemi is the next governor of my state Ekiti. so Fayose you can clamour for free and fear election now,you have forgotten how you and your party intimidate people during 2014 election,because you have federal backing and you and your party are now fear not to do the same thing for you guys.this is pay back time my dear

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