There is serious division under Buhari – Kabiru Turaki

Kabiru Turaki, a former Minister of Special Duties and a Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, presidential aspirant, on Thursday said the All Progressives Congress, APC-led Federal Government has destroyed the nation’s values.

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Addressing journalists in Sokoto, Turaki said since amalgamation, Nigeria had never been as divided as it was now.

He said, “The APC-led federal government has destroyed all the values we cherish as a people.

“Since the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates, Nigerians have never been in this situation that they now find themselves.

“There is serious division in the polity and this is because we have a federal government that openly discriminates against the citizens of this country.

“We will look into the issue of our togetherness as a people and strive towards uniting Nigerians. We will ensure equal access to opportunities to all citizens without discrimination.”



  1. Mr man! keep quiet, there has been a division in the polity even b4 this present administration… U hear

  2. Mr Turaki, you are very far from the truth, there has always been divisions in the Nigerian polity mainly because Nigerian elites like you are very selfish but the division is more now, because you and your fellow corrupt politicians are using our money you stole in the sixteen years you and your co-bandits were in power to fuel more disaffection in the polity, in the belief, very wrongly though, that that will pave the way for you and your thieving gang to come back. Nigerians are far wiser than that and will NEVER go back to Egypt!

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