Your Political death is sure – Presidency attacks Shehu Sani

The Special Assistant on Social media to President Muhammadu Buhari, Lauretta Onochie has attacked Senator representing Kaduna Central, Shehu Sani over his recent statement criticising Buhari’s adminstration.

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Shehu Sani had tweeted “We the persecuted are on Exodus, riding on horses, chariots and caravans, departing Pharaoh’s Egypt; we are now at the coast of the Red Sea, about to leave the land of cruelty and injustice.”

Responding to his tweet, Onochie said Buhari was for the poor, warning Sani of impending political death.

She tweeted “Those Buhari stand for have no horses, nor chariots, nor Caravans.

“They are the poor, the weak and the vulnerable. You rode on their backs to the National Assembly.

“All they have are their PVCs and they will stand with @MBuhari. Your political death is sure as you roam aimlessly in the wilderness.”



  1. You just said it as it is, Lauretta Onochie. They will keep on roaming in the wilderness until they purge themselves of the atrocities they are committing against Nigerians!

  2. Lauretta is an old hag with decay tooth always crying out laud when she sight even flies going near her master’s stolen chocolate as she fear dearly of being deprived of its crumbs. Benue people are being killed and massacred daily and she never twitted once to speak out against injustice. She ought to have been married to Shehu Garba(special Adviser to the president on Media)

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