The campaign of falsehood against Saraki must stop – Kwara APC

The Kwara state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has cautioned Yekini Nabena, deputy national publicity secretary of the party, to stop his “campaign of falsehood” against Senate President Bukola Saraki.

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The APC chapter said this in response to the Nabena’s call on Saraki to declare his stand on the “reformed” APC.

In a statement signed by Sulyman Buhari, the state publicity secretary, Kwara APC said Nabena should first clarify if he was speaking on behalf of his superiors in the APC national working committee (NWC) or he was “running errand for some faceless mischievous elements who are his paymasters”.

“The Kwara APC has taken note of the immature display of lack of decorum by one Yekinni Nabena in a statement he issued today calling the senate president names,” the statement read.

“Nabena needs to first clarify if he was speaking on behalf of the national working committee of the APC or representing some faceless mischievous elements who are his paymasters.

“Instead of embarrassing himself with his meaningless diatribe that demonstrates his lack of decorum and immaturity for the position he has accidentally found himself to be occupying, Nabena should focus on understanding what his current position entails.

“This is necessary because his preparedness and capacity have definitely been called into question by his antics. He definitely cannot use Saraki’s name to get cheap popularity and buy relevance.

“At the right time, our leader, the senate president, who remains one of the founding fathers of the APC and a deciding factor in our national politics today, will make his decision known to the whole world when he is ready.

“As a grassroots politician who believes in carrying everyone along and works in the best interest of the people at the state and national levels, Saraki does not owe an unknown factor like Nabena any response or explanation.

“Instead, at the right time, I am sure that his friends, supporters, associates, all Nigerians and the entire world will know where he stands on issues regarding 2019 elections. Saraki that we know does not hide to play his politics; he plays in the open.

“Those who feel uncomfortable with his rising profile will continue to bell-ache for a long time to come. In fact, we enjoy the way he is making his opponents fret and suffer insomnia by his silence.”



  1. Sulyman Buhari, you are the one talking nonsense. Are you not part of your State, Kwara APC who told the world penultimate week that they are tired of APC and are only waiting on their “leader” Bukola Saraki to take them to where they will not be “tired”. So, what’s wrong in Nabena urging Bukola Saraki to hasten-up and respond to the call by his “people” to take them to wherever, moreso, according to the local Spokesperson, Sulyman Buhari, Bukola Saraki “is a deciding factor in thier national politics today”(whatever that means).

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