(Episode 6) Karma’s Romance

The music was loud, the place was rowdy and the men were drunk. Inside the club, slim girls wearing nothing but bikinis went about serving drinks and entertaining the clients. On the 6 poles erected in the centre of the huge room were 5 slick beautiful girls dancing in different stages of undressing. On the 6th pole, a guy who was handsome and well-muscled, stripped for the benefit of the women who cheered him on and threw money and air kisses at him.

On the first floor above the very popular nude club were well decorated suites where anyone interested could be entertained for however long they wanted. One hour there was two hundred and fifty thousand naira and could be multiplied depending on the number of hours a man or woman chose to spend with the beautiful high class sex workers.

One of the hottest women there was Candy. She was a well-known favourite who could turn tricks and do anything a client wanted without complaints as long as the client was good for the cash. Even her boss and the owner of the club had been known to visit her a few times to enjoy of her vast knowledge and experience.

Her real name was Kosi Ndimili and her real age was 39, against the age of 30 that was presently on her file in the human resource department. Kosi did not have a bad life. She had a good bank balance, a car of her own, a house she had gotten from a generous client in a choice area of Port Harcourt and she had worked hard to become Head of Team in a company where there was envy predominant.

As head of Team, she had nothing less than 17 girls and 9 guys who reported to her. It was also her responsibility to train new girls on how to satisfy a client and keep him coming back for more. Of course, to achieve all this, she had paid with the only currency she had had, her body.

On days like this, as she sat in front of the lovely dressing table in her room filled with expensive makeup and perfume, she could not help but remember the young girl with rose tinted glasses she had been. The one who had thought she would get married and have four children. The one who had had dreams and aspirations beyond being a high class whore.

Her breasts, which used to be her greatest assets were slackened from misuse, her body looked tired and saggy, her skin was suffering from the different sophisticated bleaching creams she had used, her face underneath her makeup was old and tired. Her eyes had seen too much and she had heavy bags underneath them. Recently, she had developed pock marks and now, her face looked like a bad untarred road.

She wore her comfortable nightgown as she crawled into her huge bed two stories above the club but she could not sleep. She was overwhelmed with the knowledge that she had a house she hardly slept in because she hated being alone, she had a car she hardly ever drove, she had money she hardly spent on worthwhile things. The only things she actually spent money on were drugs for her manic depression, a condition no one else knew about.

She remembered the carefree young girl she had been during her brief stint at the University. How she had thought herself invisible and above error and mistakes. She remembered how happy, stupid and young she had been and she knew without a doubt, she would go back in a heartbeat to change some of the decisions she made all those years ago.

She would have kept from some actions, kept from some friends, kept from many many things she had done. She knew now that those things had ruined her life and made her the person she was today. Mostly, she would never have allowed herself to have been part of what had happened to Ada.

That singular thing that she had done, that silence she had kept had cost her so much that she had never been able to regain her life on any reasonable level since that time. If only she had kept the right group of friends, done the right things, gone to school and read her books, her life would have turned out differently but she hadn’t.

After the disappearance of Ada, the guilt had begun to eat slowly at her until she had started to lose her mind. Lanke had tried very hard to caution her especially when a new girl joined them in their room in the second semester but things had only gotten worse.

Infact, she started having nightmares where Ada would call her to save her and she had usually woken up from her nightmares screaming Ada’s name. An occurrence that had woken the other 2 girls several times at night.

It didn’t take her very long to realise that when her dreams didn’t stop, Lanke had to tell the guys that she was going to give them away and she wasn’t surprised when she saw the calculation in their eyes. Especially James’ and Anslem’s. When Lanke started pressuring her to hang with them, something she hadn’t done since Ada’s dissapearance, she knew they had a plan for her.

It was for that reason that she packed her things after one weekend and ran away from school and never returned. She didn’t tell her parents, she knew they wouldn’t understand. All her parents had wanted was a daughter that would go to school, graduate and help them feed the 8 other children that they had. Her uncle was the one who had paid her school fees and he was the one who had refused to spend a kobo on her if she didn’t return back to school. Unfortunately, she couldn’t divulge to him the reasons why she couldn’t go back.

For all of her life, her parents had never been particularly good or caring parents. All her father knew how to do was impregnate her mother and all her mother was good for was popping out babies like babies were finishing in Heaven. Her mother had managed to carry and give birth eleven times and lost only two of those babies. She had often wished her mother had lost more children so their lives would be easier.

As it was, she and her siblings spent a huge part of their lives hungry and desperate. It was hardly any surprise that her first sexual encounter was with their 68 year old Landlord. She was 14 at the time. When the affair continued and her mother found out through the Landlord’s wife, she had thought her mother, a supposedly devout Christian would kill her. Surprisingly, her mother had defended her and called the Landlady a boring frigid woman. That was the day she lost all respect for her mother.

She came to realise that where her parents were concerned, it didn’t matter what their children did as long as they put food on the table. It was hardly any surprise that 2 of her brothers were well known cultists and armed robbers and her younger sisters had been total whores. That was the reason she hadn’t been able to stand Ada in school, the girl just seemed to have everything. Her life had seemed charmed and in the end, she had joined in ending that life.

For a long time she hadn’t known what happened to Ada but when she now knew after reading about the discovery of her body on the internet: she had killed Ada as surely as if she had been Anslem. And she would pay for it. She knew that, infact, she was ready for it, maybe even a bit expectant. For the disease she had was killing her as slowly as a cancer but no one will ever know or care as long as she continued to turn tricks.


Lanke got out of the driver’s side of her huge jeep stealthily and her friends did the same thing. She looked at the compound she was parked in front of, it housed several furnished apartments and she knew for a fact that her husband was housing his filthy good for nothing mistress in one of them. She opened the boot and brought out the bottle of industrial Acid she had put there while her friends carried their scissors and knives, they were going to teach that woman a lesson today.

Lanke: “Titi, Kehinde, abeg lets go!” She told her friends.

Titi: “Should we not hide ourselves?”

Lanke: “Who is hiding anything? I want her and that stupid man to know who did it. Then it will teach them not to mess with me.” She said as she beat her chest. “Won ma gba!”

Lanke was very angry with her husband and his family and she was going to make them pay. She had met Lanre during her NYSC program in Osun state and barely 5 months into their passionate relationship, she had gotten pregnant. She had wanted to spring for an abortion but Lanre’s parents insisted that they get married and promised to take care of them.

After Service, Lanre got a job at an Oil company while she had to stay at home with her huge belly. She had a daughter and she was really spoilt by the family, especially her husband. She never had to do any work, she always had maids and servants doing everything for them. It didn’t take her long to get pregnant again and she had another daughter.

She decided then she was going to have a son as her husband started commenting on it but she didn’t get one. Infact, the next time, she had twin girls to her husband’s and in-laws’ dismay. She went ahead to try again and had another daughter.  By this time, she was worried sick and lost interest in everything she usually enjoyed. How could she have 5 daughters?

Despite her doctor’s warnings, she decided to get pregnant again and during the scan, she was told that she was carrying a boy. She told the family and they were ecstatic, they began to treat her as of old and she was really pampered for the rest of the pregnancy. Alas, when she delivered, her baby had Downs’s syndrome. She was devastated and wouldn’t eat or talk to anyone for weeks. She didn’t even want to see the child.

When she recovered, she realised she had lost all respect in the sight of her husband and his family and they treated her like the whole thing was her fault. Would any woman choose to have an unhealthy baby? The presence of the child annoyed her to no end. He was demanding and useless to her. Her husband never touched him and would always refer to the boy as “your child”

She thought she was coping admirably well with the whole thing despite the pressures until 2 years later, her Husband’s family invited her to a meeting where they told her to welcome her Co-wife. The co-wife turned out to be a friend, someone she had housed for a while when things were down for her.

She felt betrayed and angry but what made everything worse was that Odunayo, her former friend now co-wife had borne a son for Lanre. A healthy, good-looking little boy. Her envy had known no end. She had gone home that day and cried her eyes out. She refused to talk to her husband but he did not care, he didn’t approach her or apologise for his actions.

She planned to leave the house for him and take her children except Junior but she knew that Lanre would never let her go anywhere with his children. He might fail as a husband but he cared about his children. In any case, she didn’t have any money to go anywhere. All through their marriage, all she had done was spend lavishly. She had never bothered to save for she had not seen the need for that.

When the depression had become too much for her to bear, especially after her father-in-law’s birthday party and Odun had been treated like she was the Queen of Sheba while she was a slave, she had decided to get even. No woman could walk into her home and steal it from her just like that.

These people did not know her or what she was capable of that’s why they were messing with her. If they knew her, if they knew what annoying her would cost them, they would have threaded more carefully with her.

Lanke had called Kehinde and Titi to help her in her plan to deal with Odun and here they were. Not only would she wash Odun with acid and destroy the face she was so proud of, she fully intended to harm the baby in a way her husband would never forget. She would make sure that baby was no better than her own son. Then, she would move wait for him to do his worst.

Lanke: “Lets go!” They pushed open the gate of the compound and walked stealthily inside. No one stopped them, there was nobody around anyway. Titi led the way, she was the one who had gotten all the intel for Lanke since she was still friends with Odun.

At Odun’s flat, Titi knocked the door quietly while Lanke and Kehinde hid behind her big frame. Odun’s younger sister, Christiana, opened the door and knelt down immediately she saw Titi.

Christiana: “Ha, aunty Titi, e ka són!”

Titi: “Kasón, Christy, what of your sister?”

Christiana: “She’s sleeping inside, ma.”

Titi: “The baby nko?”

Christiana:  “He’s with her” She pointed to the bedroom.

Just then, Titi grabbed Christy as Lanke and kehinde pushed their way into the apartment and made their way to the bedroom.

Christiana:  “Ha! Aunty Titi, why? Ha! Aunty Odun!! Aunty Odun! They are coming oh!! Wake up!” She screamed on top her lungs and struggled against Titi’s hold on her arms.

At the bedroom, Lanke tried to push the door open but Odun had woken up and was pushing against the door too. Kehinde joined Lanke in pushing, Odun was no match for the two of them and slowly but surely the door opened. When it did, Lanke pushed her way through, inside the room, Odun opened her baby’s milk bottle and poured the content in Lanke’s eyes.

As Lanke crouched down, unable to see, Odun and Kehinde started fighting. At the same time, Christy gave Titi a punch in the belly and ran to her sister’s rescue, Titi chasing closely behind.

In the bedroom, Lanke had cleaned her eyes and groped for the container of the acid, making her way to the baby who was now crying on the bed. Odun, seeing this started screaming,

Odun: “Ha! My baby, my baby!! Lanke, please, please, I beg you in the name of God!!!”

Lanke: “Did you beg when you slept with my husband? You shameless betrayer!!”

Christy rushed into the room and grabbed the baby from the bed. Odun pushed Kehinde aside and grabbed the acid Lanke was holding. Together, they struggled with it, shaking it repeatedly. Quite suddenly, the container exploded in both their faces. Screams of pain erupted from both of them and seeing this, Kehinde and Titi made their way out of the house and drove of in Lanke’s car.

Acid!! Will Lanke survive this? Tune in to find out in the next episode!


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  1. Karma is surely a bitch but don’t like it when a woman takes over another woman’s husband cos of male child

  2. I wish Koss will be spared. She actually has a conscience and had already suffered alot. She deserves a second chance

  3. I can Already see the Shadow of Karma….. I wonder how it will be when it appears in its full shape.WITH ADELOVE.COM LONELINESS IS JUST A STORY

  4. That’s is just the beginning of her misfortune…. One bad turns deserves another. She won’t survive it and she has not seen anything yet.

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