See photo of Governor Fayose shedding tears…

This is a close-up photo of governor Ayodele Fayose taken some days to the gubernatorial election in Ekiti State as he raised an alarm about being attacked brutally by the police.

This is a picture of Governor Ayodele Fayose aka Peter the Rock shedding tears at a Peoples Democratic Party rally in Ekiti on the 11th of July, 2018.

It would be recalled that there was drama in Ado Ekiti on that fateful Wednesday as Governor Ayo Fayose said he was brutalised by policemen who allegedly stormed the main entrance to the Ekiti State Government House to stop a rally by the Peoples Democratic Party.

Residents said there were gunshots at the main entrance to the Government House while tear gas canisters were reportedly shot to disperse the crowd at the rally.

An eyewitness said the situation became tense when riot-policeman dispersed supporters of PDP governorship candidate in the July 14 election, Prof. Kolapo Olusola, who had gathered at the Fajuyi Pavilion for a rally.

The pavilion is serving as the campaign office for Kolapo Olusola Campaign Organisation. The PDP supporters who refused to leave the venue of the rally were reportedly forced to by the policemen.

The police allegedly fired canisters of tear-gas to disperse the crowd, saying it had to do so because the organisers did not obtain its permit before embarking on the rally.

Fayose, it was learnt, raced to the scene to prevent the policemen from disrupting the political rally and to rescue his supporters.

But the governor said rather than listen to his entreaties to allow the rally to go on, he was attacked by the riot-policemen, who allegedly fired canisters of tear gas at him.

The governor also claimed he was hit with the butt of a gun by one of the mobile policemen.



  1. No oo, I can’t believe what I am seeing! That the self-acclaimed “strong man” of Ekiti politics, the “Peter, the Rock” that can not be moved could be so humiliated to the point of crying in public only shows that behind all those seeming iron curtains are mere mortals, no matter all the pretence to the contrary.

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