(Episode 5) Little pleasures under the sheets

After having a nice time out with her friends and receiving all the lectures on how to go about her plans from Patricia, she went straight to a boutique and bought herself lingerie, one she intended to use in getting the attention of her husband.

Anne: ‘Hi honey…’ She called out when her husband walked into the bedroom he shared with his wife, tired.

Louis: ‘Hi sweetheart………’ He answered mouth agape, he was shocked at what was greeting him.

Anne: ‘How was work today’ She said as she drew closer to plant a kiss on his shocked lips as she cat walked towards him with her breast in full display for what she wore exposed not just her nipples but everything.

Louis: ‘Tiring and stressful, what is the occasion today?’

Anne: ‘What do you mean?’

Louis: ‘This one you are dressed this way, in a seductive way, what is the occasion?’

Anne: ‘Nothing much, I just thought it was time we spiced up our sex life.’

Louis: ‘Our sex life?’

Anne: ‘Yes’ She said as she kissed him again ‘’When was the last time we had sex?’ She asked as she unbuttoned his shirt and made to suck his nipple.

Louis: ‘Ah! Ah!’ He moaned for that was his soft spot ‘Ah! Babe…….. I love…….what you are doing please…..don’t stop…. continue!

Anne: Dragged him to the bathroom, put on the shower and got down on him ‘I want to make you forget all your pain and feel the glory of what we are about to have’ She said as she sucked him hard with her tongue while the shower was still on.

Louis: ‘Oh! My God……. My…….Anne, what are you doing?’

Anne: ‘Giving my husband a treat.’

Louis: ‘I thought…. Ah!’ He moaned softly as his wife continued, getting him to his peak.

Anne: Sucked him with her tongue and used her left hand to caress his scrotum.

Louis: Thrusting harder into her mouth and using his hands to guide her in and out ‘Oh Yea! Give it to me baby!’ He was moaning ‘I love you, I love you so very much, I will do whatever you ask me to do just name it’ He promised her as he was thrusting in and out of her mouth.

Anne: ‘You sure baby?!’ She asked when she removed her mouth and used her hands instead for she saw that he was at his peak ‘You will do whatever I want you to do?’

Louis: ‘Anything, just name it!’ He begged as he pushed his dick into her mouth again roughly.

Anne: Kissed him up and down, moisten her lips and pressed them against his skin back and forth and finally, she traced down the side of his penis with her tongue and sucked roughly.

Louis: “Oh my god, yea baby, yea… I am …….Oh! Oh! Oh!’ He screamed out.

Anne: Quickly withdrew her mouth from his dick and watched his semen fall on her breast for she has never for one day thought of allowing his sperm down her throat. After she was sure that he has finished disposing all that was inside of him, she pulled of her lingerie, went to the shower and soaked herself in it to wash up herself.

Louis: ‘That was the best head you have ever given me since we got married! Wow!”

Anne: ‘Really? Does that mean I haven’t been at my best lately?’

Louis:  ‘Maybe but this is the kind of head I want to be receiving from you from now on’ He said as he dried himself up with a towel.’

They had dinner together and retired to bed.

Louis: ‘So what happened today?’

Anne: ‘What do you mean what happened?’ She asked as she cuddled him.

Louis: ‘There is something different about you today.’

Anne: ‘Really? I just want us to do something different or don’t you like what happened today?’

Louis: ‘Oh! Very much, I do.’

Anne: ‘You sure?’

Louis: ‘Of course I am sure. I love the way you dressed up seductively and the way you grabbed me. It was the best ever! I can’t remember the last time we had such in the shower.’

Anne: ‘            You loved it?’ She asked smiling.

Louis: ‘100%’

Anne: ‘Alright, you know, I could be doing that for the rest of our lives, I want to change our sex life.’

Louis: ‘To what?’ He asked, very interested.

Anne: ‘Everything! I want us to explore other areas and stuff like that.’

Louis: ‘Really?’ He was curious.

Anne: ‘Yes.’

Louis: ‘Hmmm……’ He looked at her in awe.

Anne: ‘What’s hmmm?’

Louis: ‘I could have you here and now again because I haven’t gotten over what happened, I want you to give me another head just like the one you gave me in the bathroom.’

Anne: ‘Wow!’

Louis: ‘Yes’ He said and placed her hands on his dick ‘My Johnny is already up and wanting more’.

Anne: ‘I can feel it….’ She rocked his dick ‘Poor boy but you will have to wait a little while for it is time I have mine!’

Louis: ‘What do you mean wait and what do you mean it is time you have yours?’ He asked as he pulled his singlet off his body and made to get on top of her.

Anne: ‘Wait Louis!’ She pushed him away frowning ‘It is time you reciprocate the love I have shown you!’

Louis: ‘What do you mean reciprocate?’ He felt his hardened member shrink.

Anne: ‘Each time I am about to cum and get into heaven, that is when you finish off which doesn’t go down well with me anymore.’

Louis: ‘Hold on, wait a minute, what are you really saying?’

Anne: ‘For years now we have been married, I have never really been satisfied with the way you bring me half way when it concerns sex…..’

Louis: ‘You mean I haven’t been satisfying you?’ He sounded hurt.

Anne: ‘No Louis, you haven’t! Sex with you hasn’t been very interesting.

Louis: ‘Is that the reason why you don’t like having sex, why you always complain of headache when I come close to you?’

Anne: ‘Yes, It is part of it and I want that to change from now on. I can’t keep giving without receiving. It is time to reciprocate the love and good gestures I have shown you over the years.’

Louis: ‘What do you mean now?’ He growled.

Anne: ‘It is time to show your wife how much you love her.’


Kingsley: ‘This one you came to my house today, hope you are doing okay?’ He asked Kristine as he opened the door to her.

Kristine: ‘Of course, I am okay. I just came to see how you were doing….’

Kingsley: ‘Good to know. It’s been three weeks already and you haven’t said anything as to where we are headed.’

Kristine: ‘Actually, that is the reason I am here.’

Kingsley: ‘Wow! I am sure you are not going to turn me down.’

Kristine: With all seriousness she said ‘Please for whatever reason, do not turn me down or you will break my heart’.

Kingsley: ‘What makes you think I will do so?’

Kristine: ‘Because I know guys like you and what they end up doing.’

Kingsley: ‘Listen Kristine, just because you have seen some guys be bad doesn’t mean we are all bad.’

Kristine: ‘Can I count on you?’

Kingsley: ‘I promise not to break your heart.’

Kristine: ‘Promise?’

Kingsley: ‘I already promised and I mean it.’

Kristine: ‘Okay, let’s go to the bedroom….’ She said to him and he led the way.

Will Kingsley be able to handle Kristen? Find out in Episode 6!!


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