(Episode 7) Little pleasures under the sheets

Anne: “What is different about it? Because I am a woman and you are a man?”

Louis: “I can’t put my mouth there where all sorts of things come out!” He said wrinkling his face.

Anne: “Hahahahaha. I don’t want to batter words with you this night Louis. No wahala. I give up!”

Louis: ‘I am sorry!” He said as he came close to her for he wanted the action to continue and getting her upset won’t make her succumb to his will “You know that I love you, right?”

Anne: ‘Of course I know you love me in your own special way…..”

Louis: ‘Why don’t I show you some love then?” He said as he tried to kiss her but she pushed him away roughly and he fell off the bed “What was that for?” He asked as he stood up from the floor.

Anne: “I should be asking you that question.”

Louis: “I am trying to love you.”

Anne: “By getting me in the mood for sex?”

Louis: “Is anything wrong with that?”

Anne: “Yes oooo, there is a whole lot wrong with what you were trying to do.”

Louis: “And what is that?”

Anne: “Since you can’t give me head, there is no more sex between us.”

Louis: ‘What? What for?”

Anne: “I have said my own. There is no point beating about the bush. No head, no sex. Period.”

Louis: ‘I am your husband, woman! And you should do your duty as a wife!’ He commanded.

Anne: “And I am your wife Louis, Titled man and whatsoever your excuse is, shouldn’t be.”

Louis: “This will not go a good way ooo if you continue like this.”

Anne: “I have said my own, until you are willing to go down on me, My Jerusalem is locked!’

Louis: “Suit yourself!” He said angrily and went to bed.


One week later, the women met again at a spa to have their time to themselves.

Patricia: “How far na, my progress report on what you both said you will do?” She asked after they had settled in and made themselves comfortable.

Felicia: “Babe, I made my own oooo. Anytime we want to get down, we give each other better blowjobs and our sex life has improved a great deal. My husband comes home and first thing is head and the rest is history!”

Patricia: “Hahahahaha. I told you didn’t i? What about you Anne?”

Anne: ‘Hmmm…abeg make una no ask me that question oooo because each time I think of it, I dey vex.”

Patricia: “Why? Wetin happen?”

Anne: “He bluntly refused to give in to my demands oooo.”

Felicia: “Isn’t he your husband, why is he refusing?”

Anne: “Errm he said he can’t do it, that the mouth he used to pray to God cannot be used to give me head especially when a lot of things come out from down there!”

Felicia: “Things like what?”

Anne: “Our son, my monthly flow, you know.”

Patricia: “I can’t believe your husband said that oooo.”

Anne: “He did oooo. He said he can never do it.”

Felicia: “And what have you been doing since then?”

Anne: “Dressing naked every day to show him what he is missing. Anytime he comes close to me I ask him if he is ready and he still says he can’t do it.”

Patricia: “And?”

Anne: “What do you mean and?”

Felicia: “And what happens if he tells you he can’t do it?”

Anne: “I can’t do it too; it is as simple as that.”

Patricia: “Hahahahahaaa!”

Felicia: “You mean if he wants sex you don’t give it to him.”

Anne: “Yes!”

Felicia: “Don’t you think you are being unfair?”

Patricia: “Life isn’t fair, Felicia and if her husband was fair, wouldn’t he reciprocate?”

Felicia: “I know but don’t you think that is going extreme?”

Anne: “Yes I know but it has to happen.”

Felicia: “What if he goes outside?”

Anne: “To have sex?”

Felicia: “Yes, he may go out and cheat on you.”

Anne: “A titled man can’t go outside to have sex since he can’t give his woman head and even if he does that, I know what to do.”

Felicia: “What will you do?”

Anne: “It hasn’t come to that na. My husband can’t cheat on me.”

Felicia: “Okay ooo but please be careful.”

Patricia: “For how long will this go on?”

Anne: “I don’t know, the ball is in his court.”

Patricia: ‘”Babe, I like your way’ She said smiling.


Kingsley: “What are you doing in my office Kristine? I thought I told you I will be very busy today?” He asked as soon as she entered his office.

Kristine: “Yes I know, I had to come check up on you because I missed you.”

Kingsley: ‘Okay, make yourself comfortable’ He said as he pointed a seat to her.

 Kristine: ‘I didn’t just come here to make myself uncomfortable; I came here to get down to business…..” She whispered as she started to unbutton her dress.

Kingsley: “What are you doing?”

Kristine: “Unbuttoning my blouse because I want us to get into action” She said and continued.

Kinsley: “Hold on, hold on!” He stopped her, looking around him and whispered in her ears “…..This is an office and I am busy at the moment.”

Kristine: “This is your office and you are the boss. Let us fuck a little….”

Kingsley: “But I was in your apartment yesterday and we had sex for like five to six times, I thought that was enough for a whole week.”Kristine: “The sex was good and I enjoyed it but that was yesterday and this is today!” She said and kissed him on his lips.

Kinsley: “Wait! Wait!” He said as he held her at an arm’s length “We can’t do this, at least not here!”

Kristine: “But I want you right now and I want you to take me right here!” She whined, looking at him lustfully.

Kinsley: “Pull yourself together! I will meet you at home. In your apartment after close of work.”

Kristine: Kissed him again and directed his hands to her clitoris for him to work on it ‘Yes baby’ she said as he began to fumble with it.

Kinsgley: “Oh Kristine, look what you are making me do!” He said as Kristine unbuttoned his shirt and sucked on his left nipples.

Kristine: “Yes K. I want your dick right inside me this moment for I can’t wait any longer” She said as Kingsley laid her on the office table and fucked her right there and then.

Kristine oh!! This babe sef! Watch out for her in Episode 8, you don’t wanna miss it!


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  1. Adelove where is episode 6?Kingsley won’t be able to handle Kristine, and as for Louis he should be able to give Anne head, is it not his baby that passed through there, nonsense n ingredients

  2. there’s no episode that was omitted. just a mistake instead of episode 6 they wrote episode 7 but if you follow the story you will know everything is in place. another name for this story is SEXOLOGY… WITH ADELOVE.COM LONELINESS IS JUST A STORY….

  3. Kingsley is in for a long tin. Louis should give Anne a head joor cos Anne gives him a head with the same mouth she uses praise.

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