(Episode 8) Little pleasures under the sheets

Kingsley: Few minutes later, after catching his breath and taking a cup of water he said ‘Wow! That sex was amazing’.

Kristine: ‘You liked it?” She said still fondling her exposed breast.

Kingsley: “I love it!”

Kristine: “Then let’s have one more round!” She said as she drew close to him.

Kingsley: “One more what?” He shouted.

Kristine: “One more round na!” She whined

Kingsley: “Wait first!” He got up to get dressed “This is an Office and not a brothel Kristine!”

Kristine: “I know!”

Kingsley: “You know and you still want to have more sex in my office? What if someone just walked in on us?”

Kristine: “Relax, your blood too dey hot joor. Isn’t the door locked?”

Kingsley: “I am at work ooo. I can’t indulge and we just had sex which I am okay with for now.”

Kristine: “But I am not and I still need you to fuck me.”

Kingsley: “I can’t!” He blurted out “Is sex food?”

Kristine: “What are you my man for if not to quench my desire?”

Kingsley: “Your libido is too high please. Put yourself together and stop with the sex every time we see. We don’t talk about anything other than sex! Sex! Sex!”

Kristine: “Are you getting tired of it already?”

Kingsley: “What if I am?”

Kristine: “I thought you said you are man enough, that you can handle me?”

Kingsley: “It is true I am man enough and can handle you but there are other important things we need to do and talk about.”

Kristine: “I am a nymphomaniac and I indulge in sex whenever and wherever regardless of who or what is around.”

Kingsley: “I can see it, you don’t have to tell me because I sensed it the first time we had sex.”

Kristine: “Good. Can we get down to it now?”

Kingsley: “No we can’t. I will meet you at home to give you all the sex you desire. Just hold yourself a little while please.”

Kristine: “Alright then, I will just go and do myself till when you are ready.”

Kingsley: “Do yourself? As how?”

Kristine: “Yes na. Do you want me to go to the club and find any available dick?”

Kingsley: The thought of someone else having sex with Kristine, his girlfriend was unacceptable to her but he was beginning to die in silence for he didn’t know how he was going to put up with her crazy desire for sex “No Need for that, let’s go home!” He told her.

Kristine: ‘That’s why I love you, you give it to me whichever way and whenever. By the way…’ She said as she got dressed ‘……I am moving in with you by next week.’

Kingsley: “What?”

Kristine: “I am moving in with you. I guess it’s time I move in with you so we can get to know ourselves better.”

Kingsley: “But what about your apartment?”

Kristine: “My rent already expired. I figured there is no point renewing it when I can just move in with you and we become an official couple.”

Kingsley: “I don’t think that is a good idea, how much is your rent?”

Kristine: “300,000 naira per annum.”

Kingsley: “What if I give you the money for your rent?”

Kristine: “I don’t want to renew my rent? Why should I renew it when I can just move in with you?”

Kingsley: “Why do you want to move in with me?”

Kristine: “Beca…..use like you suggested, we need to get to know each other better all around”
She said smiling.

Kingsley: “Damn, i don enter am!” He thought to himself.


Anne: “No work today sweetheart?” She asked for she was wondering why it took him so long for him to go have his bath that morning.

Louis: “No, no work. I am actually on leave for one month.”

Anne: “Wow! One month? Why didn’t you tell me earlier so we can make plans on going on a vacation?”

Louis: “I never thought you would want to go on a vacation with me, I thought you’d be busy with work?”

Anne: “I can tell my sales girls to handle the business while we go on a vacation. When last have we really been on a vacation as a couple?”

Louis: “I can’t remember, you tell me.”

Anne: “Erm…….before the birth of our son who is now in boarding school.”

Louis: “Well, we can still work on that if you are interested.”

Anne: “Is that a question?! I am interested joor!”

Louis: “Good. Where do you want us to travel to, we can make the arrangements and in one week we will go anywhere you want.”

Anne: “Errmm…….”She thought for a few minutes ‘…..how about Dubai?”

Louis: “Dubai? You want us to go to Dubai?”

Anne: “Yes. It is a nice place and it will be good for us to get away from Naija for a few weeks.”

Louis: “Okay! Dubai it is.”

Anne: “Really?” She said excitedly “We will go to Dubai! Yes!”

Louis: “Anything for my wife as long as it will make you happy.”

Anne: “Thanks darling, let me call Ogu Agency to make the booking for us and tell me how much it will cost. But how long do you think we should stay?”

Louis: “How long do you want us to stay?”

Anne: “2 weeks, I want us to stay two weeks.”

Loius: “2 weeks it is.”

Anne: “Thanks darling, I am very happy!”

Louis: As she was about to go make the call for the booking to be made, he called her back ‘Ermm Sweetheart’ He called out, smiling ‘Where are you going?”

Anne: She looked back,“To go make the call for our travel arrangement.”

Louis: “Okay but before that, I need us to discuss some other arrangement.”

Anne: “What kind of arrangement that can’t wait?” She asked, impatiently.

Louis: Ignored her statement and continued with a smile on his face “What do we do if we get to Dubai?”

Anne: “What do people do when they go on vacation?”

Louis: “I don’t know, you tell me.”

Kristine told Kingsley he couldn’t handle her before. Was she not telling the truth? Tune in for the next episode tomorrow!


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  1. I said it….. Kingsley had better let go of Kristen…. I pray she didn’t kill him of sex. Anne and her husband, another drama.

  2. Lolzzzzzzzz,Kingsley u don enter am,
    Contact Ogu Agency 4 ur travel bookings,
    Make i see wetin louis and Anna wan go do 4 dubai.

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