(Episode 10) Little pleasures under the sheets

Louis left the house angry and went to visit a friend of his who just came back from the states few days ago.

Louis: “Hello my friend Bryan, how are you doing? The states treated you well oh!” He told his friend.

Bryan: “Thanks! I am doing okay and how is the family?” He asked as he ushered Louis to his newly furnished apartment.

Louis: “They are doing wonderfully well; your new home isn’t bad…”

Bryan: “Thanks Man, it’s not been easy trying to complete it but I give God all the praise. How about Anne, your wife?”

Louis: “She is fine and doing okay for herself.” He sighed.

Bryan: “That’s good to hear because I wouldn’t want to hear that both of you are having problems in your marriage….”

Louis: “No, we aren’t having any problems except some minor issues once in a while.”

Bryan: “I am glad to hear that because marriage isn’t an easy journey to undertake.”

Louis: “Yea, you are right. But lately, I think we have been having a lot of argument. Women can be tiresome”

Bryan: “On what? Hope nothing serious, my man?”

Louis: “Somewhat….” He shrugged “…..She prefers not to go to Dubai with me.”

Bryan: “Because of an argument?”

Louis: “Yes!”

Bryan: “What is it about?”

Louis: “She sort of wants…. Me….. to get down….. on her.

Bryan: “I don’t understand, what do you mean?” He asked, confused.

Louis: “My wife wants me to give her cunninglingus, I mean put my mouth down there and suck her.”

Bryan: He laughingly asks “Ehn, what’s the big deal about that?”

Louis: Looking shocked “What do you mean what is wrong with that Bryan?”

Bryan: “Relax man, no need shouting. What is wrong with giving your wife head? That’s what you’re referring to, right?”

Louis: “Why won’t you have the guts to ask me such a question when you aren’t  married yourself?” He asked, sneering.

Bryan: Laughs. ‘So you mean because I am not married, I do not know what it means to get down on a woman or give her pleasure?”

Louis: “Do you know?”

Bryan: “Sure. I love getting down on my woman!”

Louis: Visibly surprised “You give your woman head?”

Bryan: ‘”Sure, why not?”

Louis: “Isn’t that disgusting?”

Bryan: “What is disgusting about making my woman reach her peak by giving her head?”

Louis: “How do you feel comfortable putting your mouth down there, doesn’t it irritate you and doesn’t it make you want to throw up? How do you feel using the same mouth to pray to God? How do you feel……?”

Bryan: “Louis!” He interrupted “What is wrong with you? For God’s sake she is your wife and as a married couple, you should spice up your sex life man! Are you trying to tell me that you have never given her cunninglingus ever since you married her?”

Louis: ‘Never!” He said boldly.

Bryan: “And does she doesn’t do same to you?”

Louis: “You mean give me head?”

Bryan: “Yeah!”

Louis: “Of course she does.”

Bryan: “And how does she feel about it?”

Louis: “She has never complained.”

Bryan: “And you can’t reciprocate?”

Louis: “I can never do that, I am an African and it is wrong for me to use the same mouth I use in praying to God to do that thing. Do you know that I am a titled man in my village?” He asked boldly.

Bryan: “So fuck what?”

Louis: “What do you mean by that?”

Bryan: “So because you are a titled man, you can’t satisfy your wife in bed?”

Louis: “I satisfy her the way and manner I know.” He grumbled.

Bryan: “By just inserting your dick in and out of her without minding if that is what she truly wants? I bet you, your wife hardly has orgasms….”

Louis: “Does she need to? I am the man and the pleasure should be for me and not her.”

Bryan: “No Louis, you are wrong. Sex is meant to be enjoyed by both the man and the woman. Gone are the days when the woman is always at the receiving end, gone are the days where we men think that sex is only for the pleasure of the man and not the woman. There is nothing and absolutely nothing wrong with giving your wife head because you are  husband and wife. The same mouth you are talking about is also the same mouth she uses on you and after that, she also uses it to pray to God Almighty and He hears her!”

Louis: “I can’t give her head, I prefer our sex life the way it was before!”

Bryan: “Why don’t you give it a try and see how it goes?”

Louis: “Give what a try?”

Bryan: “Make your woman reach orgasm for once and see how it goes from there.”

Louis: “I can’t do that!” He shook his head vehemently.

Bryan: “There is absolutely nothing wrong in giving your wife head. Research has shown that women prefer been sucked than having sex! Don’t be selfish!”

Louis: “This world is turning to something else, this world is changing too fast!”

Bryan: “Yes this world is changing; people are becoming more open to new life and ideas. If your wife wants to change her strategy of having sex with you, give it to her. The world is changing, remember? And we have to follow suit.”

Louis: “I can’t bring myself to do that.”

Bryan: “Then don’t be surprised if another man does it for you secretly!”

Louis: “I know and trust my wife; she can never cheat on me.”

Bryan: “I am not saying she is ever going to cheat on you, what I am saying is what if she is not really happy with her sex life with you? Do you think she won’t be tempted to find other alternatives outside?”

Louis: “She will never do that!” He insisted.

Bryan: “Research has also shown that women crave satisfaction. If is not given inside their own home, they will get it outside. The world is changing, remember?”

Louis: “Yes the world is changing but not my wife.”

Bryan: “Okay Man, before you go, I will download an application for you on your phone where you will learn the significance of giving your woman cunninglingus and also how to go about it without feeling weird about it.”


Kristine: “What took you so long? I have been waiting for you for close to two hours.”

Kingsley: “I am sorry Kristine, I had an impromptu meeting.”

Kristine: “It’s okay, hope your day went well?”

Kingsley: “Yes it did. Is dinner ready yet? I am hungry.”

Kristine: “Yes it is but before that, pull your shirt off and let’s get down to business!” She said as she reached for him.

Poor Anne! Poor Kingsley! Find out more tomorrow in Episode 11!


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  1. Kingsley has now know he’s in hot soup, he has started a biz he couldn’t finish…..
    Louis has no choice than to surrender to Anne request…..

  2. One monkey go go market he no go come back, Kingsley you don’t enter am, Louis how on earth do you think like this

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