(Episode 6) Little pleasures under the sheets

Few days later, when Chidi came to pay a visit to Kingsley, they wound up talking about Kristine.

Chidi: ‘So, how is Kristine?’

Kingsley: ‘Oh, she is fine.’

Chidi: ‘How are things between you two?’

Kingsley: ‘Things are going on fine at the moment.’

Chidi: ‘Are you in love with her?’

Kingsley: ‘She is a nice person to be with. I do like her but we are new into the relationship and so we are taking it slow….you get?’

Chidi: ‘ That’s good to know.’

Kingsley: ‘But there is something weird about Kristine….’ He told his friend, seemingly baffled.

Chidi: ‘What is it?’ He wanted to know what it was.

Kingsley: ‘Omo! That girl is a sex freak, she loves sex like there is no tomorrow.’

Chidi: ‘You also like sex so both of you are compatible in that aspect.’

Kingsley: ‘Yeah and I am loving it.’

Chidi: ‘You look like it, is that what is weird about her?’

Kingsley: ‘That babe is my type of girl. Do you know that the last time she came to my apartment, we had 3 rounds?’

Chidi: 3 rounds?! Of what?! In the space of how many hours?!

Kingsley: ‘In the space of 40 minutes there about oh!’

Chidi: ‘Wow! Should I be happy for you?’

Kingsley: ‘Please be, because I am happy for myself!’ He laughed.

Chidi: ‘I hope it lasts?’

Kingsley: ‘It will, trust me it will.’


Things hadn’t gone so well between Anne and her husband. Ever since the episode in the bathroom, Louis had refused to reciprocate Anne’s gesture although he wanted more action from Anne. She got fed up and reminded him of her own demands.

Louis: ‘What do you mean it is time to show you how much I love you?’

Anne: ‘It is time to reciprocate the love I have shown you over the years!’

Louis: ‘How? I make you comfortable, I get you things and I love you as my wife. How do you want me to show you my love again?’

Anne: ‘How else can a man show his wife some love?’

Louis: ‘I don’t know, maybe you tell me.’

Anne: ‘Okay, by getting down on me!’ She blurted out.

Louis: ‘What? Hahahhahaha.. Wait first, what do you mean by getting down on me?’

Anne: ‘You will give me a blowjob too!’

Anne: ‘I want you to get down on me and suck me the way I sucked you too in the bathroom the other day!’

Louis: ‘Excuse me’ He screamed ‘Jesus Christ! Sweetheart, what did you just say?’

Anne: ‘What you just heard Louis!’

Louis: ‘I can’t believe this, is this what you go out to learn, is this what your friends gist and talk about?’

Anne: ‘This is not about my friends but about us. I want you to get down on me too. I have been married to you for years yet I have never for once had an orgasm.’

Louis: ’And you think by getting down on you, you will have an orgasm?’

Anne: ‘Well, since I haven’t gotten it the normal way, just maybe that way is the way then!’

Louis: “You can’t be serious. Don’t you know your lack of orgasms point at bigger problems?”

Anne: ‘Oh, i am sweetheart, I am very serious. And we won’t know if I have bigger problems till you try, will we?”

Louis: ‘God forbid! I can never do that.’

Anne: ‘You can never get down on your own wife?’

Louis: ‘Yes, I can never get down on you or anybody.’

Anne: ‘Why?! I am your wife for God’s sake!’

Louis: ‘Yes I know but you don’t really expect me to put my mouth down there, do you?’

Anne: ‘Really? But I put mine on yours?”

Louis: ‘That’s different.’

Anne: ‘What is different about it?!’

Louis: “I am a man and you are a woman!’

Anne: “And so?”

Louis: “It is not good for a man to put his mouth there, understand me, please!”

Anne: “Hahahahahaaa…..and it is good for a woman to put her mouth on your dick abi?’

Louis: “Yes! For God’s sake, I am a titled man; I pray to God with this mouth that you want me to put down there.”

Anne: “And I use my mouth to pray to the devil, abi?”

Louis:  “I can’t and will never put my mouth there!”

Anne: “So because you are titled and you use your mouth to pray to God, it means you can never give me a blowjob like other men do for their wives?”

Louis: “I can’t put my head round that idea please; I don’t even know what made you say all these things. Let us just continue with the way we use to do it and forget about me giving you head.”

Anne: “Okay, fine… will you also forget about me giving you head?”

Louis: “What do you mean?”

Anne: “Since you can’t give me head, I will never give you a blow job ever again!”

Louis: ‘Are you for real?”

Anne: “Yes I am for real because I can’t also use my mouth that I used to sing praise and worship in church to suck dick. I can’t also use my mouth that I used to teach children in Sunday school to suck dick.”

Louis: “You can’t do that!”

Anne: “Oh I can. No head for me, no nothing for you!”

Louis: “All these because I said I won’t give you head?”

Anne: “Yes it is oooo..”

Louis: “Anne, don’t start what you can’t finish.”

Anne: “I should be saying that to you.”

Louis: “C’mon, please try and understand me na! It’s weird getting down there and that is the place all sort of things comes out from!”

Anne: “Seriously Louis! Did you just say that to me?”

Louis: “Isn’t that the truth?”

Anne: “The truth that I gave birth to your son through it or that I menstruate through it?”

Louis: “All of it!”

Anne: “Hahaahahahaha. Really? But i can put my mouth where you pass out urine always abi?”

Louis: “Mine is different.”

Anne: “Okay then, we will see!”

Men, would you be comfortable ‘going down’ on your woman? Why? Why not?

Women, would you let your Husband ‘go down’ on you?

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