(Episode 11) Little pleasure under the sheets

Kinglsey: “What? Not now Kristine, I am hungry and I need food, real food!”

Kristine: “Of course, I will give you real food and that is myself!” She said as she came to him and planted a kiss on his lips “I will quench your hunger for food with this body of mine”

Kingsley: Pushing her away, “Stop this Kristine, I want real food!”

Kristine: “What food is important than having this kind of food?”She asked, showing him her exposed breast and winking at him.

Kingsley: “Kristine, I want to eat good meal and not sex, please, I beg you….”

Kristine: “After we make love, sweetheart….”

Kingsley: “Kristine!!” He shouted “What is wrong with you? You don’t think about any other thing asides sex in the morning, sex in the afternoon and sex in the night. Is sex food?”

Kristine: “Don’t shout at me Kingsley, don’t you dare shout at me!” She shouted back, fixing her bra. “Who do you think you are to shout at me?!”

Kingsley: “I will shout at you the way and manner I like because you have nothing to deliver. All you know how to do is have sex anywhere and anytime!! Aren’t you tired? Don’t you ever get tired?!”

Kristine: “So because I am in your house and having sex with you, you think I don’t have work abi?”

Kingsley: “Do you have work? A job? Do you? I don’t remember seeing you leaving this house to work or even recall you mentioning a job ever since you packed your belongings to my house!!”

Kristine: “Hold it there Kingsley!! Don’t insult me again I take God beg you. Na because I want make we screw na him make you dey halla like this?!!”

Kingsley: “Why I no go halla? Why? I tell you say I wan eat, you say make we sex first. Why I no go halla? I don tire for this sex thing abeg oooo. I don tire!!”

Kristine: “You told me you loved it! You said you like me the way I am this morning!!”

Kingsley: “Of course I like you because you are down to earth but this sex thing is eating me way up. Can’t you see that I am no longer looking healthy?”

Kristine: She sneered “So it’s because of sex? You want to blame me, right?!”

Kingsley: “Yes it is! We had sex the whole of last night that I barely had enough sleep, this morning before I could go to work, we had three rounds of sex and now, you want to take away the little strength I have left?!”

Kristine: “Okay, let me get your food then after you have finished eating then we can…”

Kingsley: “No sex this night…” He interrupted ‘No sex at all!”

Kristine: “Why not?”

Kingsley: “Kristine, no sex this night please. I am exhausted and I need to rest.”

Kristine: “Fine, I will manage!” She said and went to the kitchen to get his food.


It had been over a month since Louis last had sex with his wife and the long stretch was putting him on the edge. He went to his wife who was on the bed lying down seductively in order to entice him.

Louis: “Sweetheart….” He said as he laid down beside her “…I like the scent of your perfume, it smells good.”

Anne: Knowing what was going through his mind, said “Thank you”

Louis: ‘Ermm……..” He moved closer still ‘I love the way you look these days, you look like I could eat you raw!”

Anne: “Can you?”

Louis: “You mean can I eat you raw?”

Anne: “Yes.”

Louis: “Of course I can.”

Anne: “Then go on.”

Louis: Excited that she agreed so easily, quickly pulled off his trouser and spread her legs. “Wow, thank you!”

Anne: Stopping him as he was about to pull off her panties “Are you really ready to eat me raw?”

Louis: “Of course I am!”

Anne: “That means you are ready to get down on me?” She couldn’t hide her surprised excitement.

Louis: “Noo now! I mean I’m ready to have sex with you.”

Anne: “I thought you said you want to eat me raw?” She asked, frowning.

Louis: “Yes and it means enjoying you because I am hungry for you!”

Anne: “Well then Louis, if what you mean is getting me laid, I am not ready for that!”

Louis: “What did you think I meant?”

Anne: “I thought you meant you want to eat my…vagina…. You know, give me a blowjob!”

Louis: “Are we still on that topic?”

Anne: “Yes oooo and there is no sex or love making until you succumb to my request!”

Louis: “Woman, I am your husband and you are pushing me to the wall!”

Anne: “Then do the little task you have been asked to do!”

Louis: “Little task? What is so little about me getting down on you?”

Anne: “Louis, I am not ready to argue, if you are not going to do it, then go to bed.” She stretched and turned away from him.

Louis: Looking at his hardened member, “But…….I need you, I need to feel your warmth and touch. I need to be inside of you!”

Anne: “And I also crave for my husband to use his mouth to bring me sexual pleasure!” She said smiling. “But he won’t, so we both lose!”

Louis: “Is this what you have been going outside to learn? Who is even putting you up to this?!”

Anne: “When you are ready Louis, let me know!” She said and moved farther from him on the bed.

Louis: “You’re pushing me to go outside oooo. I don’t want to do it but you are really pushing me to the wall!” He grumbled, pained.

Anne: “There is nothing wrong if you should go outside but once I find out, I am opting for a divorce and I am going with our son!”

Louis: “Has it come to that?”

Anne: “Didn’t you say you will cheat on me?”

Louis: “Hmmm. How many wives stop their husbands from making love to them?!”

Anne: “And how many husbands do not do what their wives asks? How many can’t even give their wives pleasure?”

Louis: “Anne! Anne!”

Anne: “That’s my name.”

Louis: “You are going to continue starving me abi?”

Anne: “If you are ready to take your wife to high heavens then Jerusalem will be forever open to you, anytime, anyway.”

Louis: Seeing that she was bent on having her way moved close to her and whispered “I will make you cum if only I can just put it in just once!”

Anne: Laughed “I wish I can just change my mind…”She said facing him and caressing his face “……but you see, if it’s not your mouth first, then it is nothing!”

Louis: “Hmmm.” He sighed as he turned to the other side of the bed and went to sleep feeling horny.

Will Louis give in to Anne? Find out as the story progresses!! Tune in for Episode 12!


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