(Episode 12) Little pleasures under the sheets

After Kingsley had his dinner, he went straight to bed for he had been under stress at work and needed time alone to rest his head and be up and doing the following day, Kristine also joined him in bed and wanted to put him in the mood for sex.

Kingsley: “Kristine, not tonight please, I am too tired.”

Kristine: “Then do nothing and let me do all the work.”

Kingsley: “No Kristine, my body needs rest and not sex.”

Kristine: “How about me? I need to make love to you this moment. I thought you said you wanted food, now that you have finished eating and rested a little bit, let us move into action…..”

Kingsley: “Not tonight, please try and understand.”

Kristine: “Understand the fact that we won’t have sex this night? No I won’t understand because I am horny and already wet down there.”

Kingsley: “See, I am sorry; I can’t be of help to you!”

Kristine: “No wahala then!” Striping naked, she marched angrily to the wardrobe in the room and brought out her vibrator. She sat on a chair right in front of Kingsley, opened her legs and inserted the vibrator into her vagina moaning a soft sound.

Kingsley: “Seriously Kristine!!”

Kristine: “You like what you see Kingsley?” She moaned as she kept using the vibrator to give herself pleasure, using the other hand to caress her clitoris “You like what you see Kingsley?”

Kingsley: Surprised at how his body could give way to the pleasure Kristine was having right in front of him, stood up from the bed and went to her.

Kristine: “I knew you would come to me…” She said still pleasuring herself “Fuck me Kingsley and fuck me like it’s the last time!”

Kingsley: Removed the vibrator from her, carried her to the bed and fucked her like his life depended on it. Few minutes later, after the rough sex, he dozed off.


The following day, Kingsley woke up tired and hungry, he checked the time and it was a few minutes past nine in the morning, he quickly went to the bathroom, had a quick bath and was getting dressed when Kristine walked in on him smiling.

Kristine: “Good Morning Kingsley, how was your night? Hope you slept well?”

Kingsley: “Why didn’t you wake me up? I am very late for work.”

Kristine: “Relax Kingsley, what is the need rushing to work when you are your own boss?”

Kingsley: “It is important I be there. Just because I have a company of my own doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be at work on time! And by the way, what job exactly will you be doing?”

Kristine: “Job ke? Me I am not interested in any job for now.”

Kingsley: “Why is that? I could help you look for job with one or two of my two contacts if you want and the pay will be worth it.”


Anne was having a girls time out with her friends..

Patricia: “Babe, how far? Oga don succumb?”

Anne: “I dey jare, how una family dey na?”

Felicia: “We dey Kampe. Any gist?”

Anne: “Amebo!” She said laughing “I know say you go don dey wait make this day reach so that you go hear the latest development.”

Felicia: “Before Nko?!” She said and hissed.

Patricia: “How far, I ask weda oga don succumb to your will?”

Anne: “Only succumb? I pray ooo. As e dey now ehn, I don lock up big time!”

Felicia: “You mean he is still standing on his words?”

Anne: “My dear, standing is an understatement. He is holding firm to his words oooo. Me sef I don tire!”

Patricia: “You wan give up?”

Anne: “Give up ke? Not me and not in my dictionary. Since that is the way he wants it, I am everly ready. His selfishness astounds me! And I refuse to be the mumu anymore!”

Felicia: “But don’t you think you may be going about it the wrong way?”

Anne: “What other way do you have in mind?”

Patricia: “Do you seduce him and dress attractive for him, maybe he will soften a little bit.”

Anne: “I don’t only act and dress seductively, I make sure that I go to bed naked all night. I prepare his meal naked, dress up and do everything naked in the house still yet, nothing.”

Patricia: “But has he made any advances?”

Anne: “Severally, he wants it but doesn’t want to get down on me first and I will not accept that!”

Felicia: “What if he decides to go get it elsewhere?”

Anne: “Then he should be ready for a divorce!”

Felicia: “Are you willing to lose your marriage because of that?!”

Anne: “I have never, not once in my life had an orgasm. If the man I am married to cannot make a sacrifice I have made several times for him, then I am willing to damn the consequences. You want me to die in this life without experiencing what women of my age are experiencing anyhow? In any case, who says I can’t go outside first?!”

Felicia: “Even at that, to some people, marriage isn’t all about sex.”

Anne: “To me, it isn’t either. Its about mutual love, and a willingness to compromise especially on things that matter to your partner. If I don’t get it, how else do you want me to remain happy? Is it by me fulfilling the wifey duties when he can’t do the same?!”

Patricia: “Not to worry or stress yourself over it, he will soon give way.”

Anne: “I pray oooo!”She said as she brought out a small package from her bag.

Patricia: “What is that?”

Anne: “This……” She said showing them the package she is holding “….is called female special care.”

Patricia: “For what na?”

Anne: “It’s a special deodorant cleansing intimate gel for women.”

Patricia: “Hmmm…another one again? Let me see.” She said as she collected it from her to take a look.

Felicia: “What does it do?”

Anne: “It is for washing down there so that it will always smell nice. It is also good for…… you know what I mean.”

Felicia: “All this stuff, didn’t they say water is 100%?”

Anne: “Yes water is 100% okay but this particular one will make you smell fresh and nice.”

Felicia: “For how long have you been using it?”

Felicia: “For close to 2years now….”

Patricia: “So you bought another one?”

Anne: “Yes oooo because I am having the feeling that oga will bury his head down there soon and it won’t be a day thing, it will be an everyday thing…” She said giggling.

Patricia: “Hahahahaha…Bad pikin!”

Anne: “When Oga is ready, I am ready too!” She said but never told her friends about the Dubai trip she would never have.

Hmm, water don pass garri oh! Tune in for Episode 13 later today!


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