(Episode 13) Little pleasures under the sheets

Kristine: “I am not interested in a job, Kingsley! I sort of like my life the way it is.”

Kingsley: “You like your life the way it is? Don’t you want to make your own money?”

Kristine: “Not interested in working for anyone as it stands now.” She shook her head vehemently.

Kingsley: “Why is that?”

Kristine: “I always get sacked for flimsy reasons! Coming to work late or leaving early! Other times, my bosses will sack me after getting a piece of me saying that they cannot continue with me.”

Kingsley: “Is this the kind of life you want to continue living?” He asked, disappointed in her.

Kristine: “Is there anything wrong with my life?”

Kingsley: “Of course there are a whole lot of things wrong with it. Do you like the way you are living off me?”

Kristine: “Am I becoming a burden to you?”

Kingsley: “I am not saying you are but don’t you think there is more to life than this sex thing you are always craving for? And if you had a job, you wouldn’t have the energy for sex all the time!”

Kristine: “Is it because I am here for you that’s why you want to start your early morning sermon?”

Kingsley: “I am not in the mood for that and don’t even think I will waste one minute of my time on that. I am sick and tired of this every minute sex thing abeg, get a life!!”

Kristine: “You mean you are getting tired of me?”

Kingsley: “Who wouldn’t? You’re a nice person but you don’t have a lot to offer” He told her, shaking his head. “I honestly don’t think I am the man for you.”

Kristine: “Don’t please! Remember your promise.” She begged him.

Kingsley: “What promise?”

Kristine: “You said you would never break my heart. Hope that is not what you are trying to do because if it is, I am going nowhere. I am not leaving you for anyone or anything in the world.”

Kingsley: “To be sincere, in the beginning I thought I could cope with you and your demands for intimacy. But your sex problems aren’t the only issue! You lack ambition too! You came to live here with the intention for us to get to know each other better but I still don’t know you at all.”

Kristine: “What are you now saying?”

Kingsley: “I am saying that I think you should seek help because this is way more than I or any man can handle.”

Kristine: “…..But you said you could! You said you loved me for me and nothing else!!” She screamed at him.

Kingsley: “I did and I am sorry.”

Kristine: “Well, in any case, if you are saying that you want us to break up, no way. I am going nowhere!”

Kingsley: “Kristine please, maybe there is someone out there for you and maybe….”

Kristine: “Eh eh!eh eh! Hold it there Kingsley. I didn’t come to you in the first place, you came to me and now that you have seen me finish, you think you can just use me like that and dump me, it will not happen. You and I are in this together and that is final!!” She sat down and crossed her arms across her bosom.

Kingsley: “Alright then.” He said and left for work.

After close of work, he went to the supermarket, bought a few things he needed and went straight to Chidi’s Apartment with the goods he bought from the supermarket.

Chidi: “Ah Kingsley, which one is all these load you are carrying into my house for?”

Kingsley: “Mehn Chidi. I am not sure I would want to be going back to my house anytime soon oh!”

Chidi: “And why is that?”

Kingsley: “Kristine ooo. She has decided that on no account will she be letting go of me.”

Chidi: “I don’t understand. Did you say you want her to let go of you?”

Kingsley: “I told her we had to end things. That there was probably a guy out there for her but she said I should not go there and she won’t be leaving me anytime soon.”

Chidi: “Is that why you brought all these things to my house?”

Kingsley: “Yes oooo. I will be crashing here with you for some time, I only brought things that I will be needing pending when I get another apartment.”

Chidi: “Wait a minute! Are you saying you are already looking for an apartment when you have one already?”

Kingsley: “To be on the safe side, that’s why. I will leave Kristine to stay there till the rent expires while I look for another because as you see me so eh, I am not going back to that house if she remains there!”

Chidi: “Does she know that you won’t be coming back?”

Kingsley: “No she doesn’t, by the time she stays a little bit longer and doesn’t see me, then she will know that I have left and not coming back.”

Chidi: “What about your things in that apartment?”

Kingsley:  “I will go when I know she won’t be there to get them but that will be when I get a new apartment first.”

Chidi: “What if she comes looking for you in your place of work?”

Kingsley: “I guess I will have to be upfront and tell her my mind.”

Chidi: “Okay but don’t you think giving up your apartment because of her is bizarre?”

Kinglsey: “Oga, you don’t know that girl! If I try to make her leave, she will just keep seducing me till I die! As long as she still remains in my apartment, I am not going back.”

Chidi: “Why don’t you just tell her to pack her bags and leave?”

Kingsley: “How many times will I tell you that she bluntly told me she isn’t going anywhere?”

Chidi: “Use force on her.”

Kingsley: “I can afford a new apartment; there won’t be any need for that. I need peace of mind and the opportunity to regain lost strength!”

Chidi: “When is your rent expiring?”

Kinglsey: “Eight months from now.”

Chidi: Whistling, “And she will remain there till that time?”

Kingsley: “If she wants to!”

Chidi: “Finally you accepted defeat! You’re no match for her! Unbelievable!”


Louis: “Hi Honey!” He called out as he walked into their apartment.

Anne: “Hello Sweetheart, what’s happening that you’re all smiles?”

Louis: “Guess what?”

Anne: “What?” She asked, hugging him “I can’t guess anything right now.”

Louis: “Just try and guess.”

Anne: “Louis, I can’t guess anything; tell me what it is already!” She said looking straight into his eyes.

Louis: “Okay, I booked a 2 weeks ticket for us to Dubai! We will go and do whatever you want us to do.”

Anne: “Wow! Really?!” She screamed, excited. “Hey, I thought you were supposed to resume for work?”

Louis: “Yes I am but I sort of took permission that I will be indisposed for two more weeks.”

Anne: “Are you sure you really want to go to Dubai with me?”

Louis: “Yes, because it is what my wife wants.”

Anne: “What happened? Why the change of heart?”

Louis: “I always want to see you happy and if going to Dubai is what you want, then I am ready to have the vacation with you.”

Anne: Smiling excitedly, “Thanks Honey, let me get our stuff ready. When are we leaving?”

Louis: “Tomorrow Evening.”

Hmmmm! Watch out for the Episode 14!


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  1. I hope Louis succumb this time around, but I still envisage him further trying to play game with d Trip………. if only he can now accept his wife’s request along d Trip……….
    Kingsley on his part is still playing with fire……

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