(Episode 14) Little pleasures under the sheets

Kristine: “Why haven’t you been to your house for two weeks and why have you decided not to return my calls?” She asked Kingsley immediately his secretary ushered her into his office.

Kingsley: “I didn’t feel there was any need to…” He shrugged.

Kristine: “There was no need for you to come to your own house? What kind of excuse is that?!”

Kingsley: “That’s  my excuse.” He said nonchalantly.

Kristine: “You’re running away from your own home because of me, abi?”

Kingsley: “It’s nothing like that, it’s just….”

Kristine: “Just what?!” She interrupted.

Kingsley: “Hmmm Kristine, this is my office and there are things we are not supposed to discuss here….”

Kristine: “Really? If you really wanted us to talk, you would have come home at least and tell me what the problem was!”

Kingsley: “There was no need for that because I know your kind of person; you just won’t understand what I want to say.”

Kristine: “Try me!” She challenged him.

Kingsley: Looking at her said “Not here, please.”

Kristine: “Since the mountain refused to come to Mohamed, Mohamed has come to the mountain and I am not leaving here until you tell me what I need to know!”

Kingsley: “You really want to do this right now?”

Kristine: “Yes!”He said boldly.

Kingsley: “Alright then.” He stood up from where he was sitting and sat close to her “I want us to end this relationship.”

Kristine: “You want us to end?”

Kingsley: “Yes!”

Kristine: “Why?”

Kingsley: “Because I want more and because there is more to life than what you can offer.”

Kristine: “I can offer you more, I can change.”

Kingsley: “No Kristine, you are a nice person and a loving person to be with but I want more than just sex which is the only thing I know you can offer me and that is not what I want in a woman or life partner.”

Kristine: “What do you want?”

Kingsley: “I want a strong, independent woman, a woman who has goals and vision. To be sincere, you are not that kind of woman!”

Kristine: “I could change, I could try!” She pleaded, tears in her eyes.

Kingsley: “No you can’t because you haven’t even admitted you have a problem! You’re just not tat kind of woman.” He sighed.

Kristine: “Then what kind of woman am i?”

Kingsley: “I don’t think I am the right person to tell you that.”

Kristine: “I need to know, Kingsley and you have known me for quite sometime, we have dated and lived together for over a month so you are the best person who can tell me what I really need to know. I am tired of jumping from one man to the other!” She groaned “I need a stable relationship and it seems I won’t be getting that for a long time.”

Kingsley: “You want the honest truth?”

Kristine: “Yes Kingsley, go ahead. I have heard worse.”

Kingsley:  “Okay then. You are good and beautiful, any man would give anything to have a girl like you but when it comes to having a serious relationship, it is a different ball game altogether. You are homely and nice, a good attribute but you are also a sex maniac and that is what I cannot stand or want in a woman.”

Kristine: “But every man wants sex?”

Kingsley: Yes most men want sex but it is for a moment, a pleasure that doesn’t last a life time. After the sex, what next?”

Kristine: “I don’t know.”

Kingsley:  “And that’s the problem. You don’t know! You don’t have anything else to offer a man!” He calmed himself down “You need to go for counseling and probably, therapy to help you. You need to define what you really want, what kind of life do I really want to live and until you do, you will keep sleeping with every man that comes to you!”

Kristine: “Hmmm… all these because I love sex?”

Kingsley: “All these because you need to love and protect yourself so that no man will take advantage of who and what you are and make you what you don’t want to be. If you want a stable relationship then I guess you should be ready to change a lot of things about your life.”

Kristine: “Hmmm.” She nodded.

Kingsley: “A friend once told me that sometimes in life, circumstances will test you. It is up to you to make a wise choice.”

Kristine: “What does that mean?”

Kingsley: “Just think about all I have said.”


Anne: “Thank you so much Louis.” She hugged her husband.

Louis: “Sweetheart, you have been thanking me since we got here, I have heard and you are welcome” He told her for the umpteenth time as they walked back into their hotel room for they had been out for sightseeing.

Anne: “No, it is not enough. I need to keep thanking you because this is just the perfect vacation I needed.”

Louis: “Are you happy now?”

Anne: “Happy ke? I am more than happy as it stands now!” She said giggling.

Louis: “Good because that is all I need.”

Anne: “Our next vacation will be me, you and our son.”

Louis: “Our next vacation?”

Anne: “Yes oooo. Our next vacation!”

Louis: “In that case, our next vacation will be during the Christmas period since that is the only holiday we get to spend as a family.”

Anne: “Really?!” She screamed “You mean you, me and our son will be spending the Christmas in Dubai?”

Louis: “Yes or would you rather prefer the U.S?”

Anne: “U.S. Ke? Nooooo. I prefer Dubai or anywhere else way more than the U.S.”

Louis: “Then Dubai or anywhere you and Jerry pick it is during the Christmas period.”

Anne: ‘Thank you!” She said as she hugged him and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

Louis: He grinned and asked, “I thought you were going to give me a kiss on my lips?”

Anne: “Don’t spoil the fun Louis, please don’t.”

Louis: “I am not, I was just asking” He said looking into her eyes.

Anne: “Thank you for everything, for being the best husband.”

Louis: “Even when I don’t want to get down on you?”

Anne: Looking at him said “You are still the best husband!” She said smiling.

Louis: “Alright then, but I want to be more than the best to my wife…” he told her as he lifted her.

Anne: “What are you doing?”

Louis: “What I should have done long ago without waiting for my wife to ask!” He said as he led her to the bathroom for them to have their bath.o get lucky

Anne is about to get lucky but i feel bad for Kristine!


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  1. Lol. Finally Kingsley was able to man up and talk to Kristen and Louis is becoming a good husband for real. That was a nice one, Adelove and crew. More grease to your elbow.

  2. At last its happening, Anne has won oo, Kristine could change for d best since she’s bn able to listen to Kingsley which is usually difficult, jst wish she could amend and finally ends up with Kingsley

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