See photos of Bulletproof pastor flaunting money on Social Media before being “shot”

Photos have emerged of Anambra pastor David Elijah flaunting money, wads of cash and a seemingly luxurious lifestyle on social media days before his viral shooting story that the Nigeria police declared as high mischief.

Anambra pastor David Elijah flaunts money lailasnews 5

Anambra pastor David Elijah flaunts money lailasnews 3

Anambra pastor David Elijah flaunts money lailasnews 2

Anambra pastor David Elijah flaunts money lailasnews

Photos- Anambra pastor David Elijah lailasnews

David Elijah got trending after he claimed he was shot 35 times and he survived the attack with no bullet wounds.

A Facebook user Beloved Onyeudo, who shared the story of the Nigerian pastor wrote;


I just have to thank God for saving this dear pastor from the plot of the enemy.

He was shot more than thirty five(35) bullets front and back this afternoon but God preserved him.

Pls friends join me and thank God.

David Elijah, who is the General Overseer of Grace and Power Prophetic Ministry, Awka, Anambra State, claimed he was attacked while on his way for his church’s Thursday worship.

After the incident, the pastor refused to report the incident to the police station closest to the scene of the incident. Instead, he ran to his church in Aromma, Awka, to make a public announcement of his alleged miraculous escape.

The Nigeria police, in a statement, urged members of the public to disregard the report as it is highly mischievous and misleading.

Another Nigerian who was on the same road with David Elijah countered his story, saying it is a lie and was staged. He wrote:

I sincerely lost hope today. Reading the now viral news of one pastor David Elijah of one Pentecostal church based in Awka & how he escaped assassination & trying to reconcile what I have been reading in the news really shows the level of grand fraud, deceit & treachery that prevails our world.

A man whose vehicle I overtook while he was driving from club street in Awka & whom I witnessed when he stopped his car in the middle of the road in front of his church close to the mechanic I had stopped to fix my car ( near state secretariat) suddenly became a man who was attacked in front of his church by assassins while he was returning from Enugu.

The same damaged vehicle I overtook & saw him driving, suddenly became a vehicle the assassins sprayed with bullets at the entrance of his church. I personally witnessed him talking with some people & seeing policemen & civil defence already stationed in front of his church before his arrival & after a while, his church members started screaming & waving their hands in frenzy while pouring out to surround his damaged vehicle.

I personally witnessed all this & I am trying to reconcile it with the news of his miraculous escape from assasins & bullets not penetrating him going round.

Suddenly a church I saw dwindling, as I passed this evening around 5pm, I saw huge numbers of persons & cars as it was when he started.

I then start pondering, what about all these miracles these pastors claim on TV, we watch daily, the so called healings etc we hear, only God knows what transpired behind the screen . the drama is real. The theatrics now absurd & the sheep’s ever most gullible. Kiri eleh isoh!!.



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