Nigerians are frustrated – Atiku

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar has said that Nigerians are disappointed and frustrated as a result of failure by the present administration to deliver on its change agenda.

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Atiku, who stated this on Thursday during the inauguration of his Presidential Nomination Council, said Nigerians are once more increasingly being sidelined and neglected in the scheme of things.

“Their welfare is being ignored, we are once more sliding towards dictatorship as government chooses which court order to obey, which to ignore and who is bound by the law and who is above the law”, he declared.

Promising to use his position to restore true democracy and get the country working again, the former Vice President said the struggle for nation renewal is usually a difficult task.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant however said national renewal was a task that patriots most engage in if they want to improve the lives of their fellow compatriots.

Continuing, Atiku said, “The change that Nigerians were promised during the last presidential election has not been delivered. And our people are rightly disappointed and frustrated.

“Nigerians are yearning for jobs, for opportunities, unity and for security. We must work with them to achieve this. We must also ensure truth in politics, justice and fairness in governance.

“And a genuine federal system that will help us address local priorities and run a more effective and efficient government”.

Addressing his supporters and followers, made of many prominent chieftains of the PDP, Atiku said there was a lot of work to do to bring the country out of the woods.

“Let us campaign hard. Let us explain to our party and our people what is at stake in the forthcoming primaries and presidential election to follow.

“Let our party and Nigerians know my programme on how to make Nigeria work again, improve our people’s quality of life.
Come to think of it, our people are not asking for too much, all they asked for are universal human rights, the right to security, good education, jobs and to have effective and accountable governance.

“We must all work hard to ensure that our primary election is transparent. If as I expect we win the primary this council will be expanded into a standard campaign council in order to mobilise our people, to win their support and ensure that they vote and to protect those votes”.



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