What God showed me concerning Nigeria, another civil war – Olumba Olumba

Founder of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, BCS, Olumba Olumba Obu, has revealed what God showed him concerning Nigeria and another civil war in the country.

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Olumba, who spoke in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa, ahead of the centenary celebration of manifestation of the order, Olumba Obu, said God told him there will not be another civil war in the country.

He said the centenary torch which would be lighted in Yenagoa would herald peace, prosperity and development to Bayelsa State.

He said that when the torch was lighted in Port Harcourt, Rivers State it halted the bloodletting that would have occurred during the local government elections.

“The plan of God as far as Nigeria is concerned is a mystery only known to him. I cannot tell you whether there would be crisis or not or whether Nigerians would kill themselves.

“One thing that he, however, made clear is that Nigeria would not experience a Civil War.

“During the Orkar Coup, he said that was going to be the last military coup in Nigeria and that there would never be a successful coup in Nigeria.

“He told us to go to Port Harcourt; Rivers State to light the torch and that there would be no crisis.

“On the 2019, our father is not a pastor, a general overseer or prophet who starts predicting what would happen or who would win.

“What is going to be come of Nigeria in 2019 is best known to God and he has not made it known to any of us.”



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