Give Buhari another chance – BSO national chair begs Nigerians

Ahead of the February 2019 presidential election the National Coordinator of the Buhari Support Organization, Dr Mahmood Abubakar yesterday called on Nigerians to give their supports to the reelection bid of the president saying things would be better than it is.

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Mahmood spoke at the Launching of the Buhari Support Organization in Southwest in Ibadan.

He said Nigerians must juxtapose between where the nation was pirior to 2015 and the current state of the nation before casting their ballots, noting that the nation was more better today than it were in past 16 years under the PDP.

Mahmood noted that despite recording high oil prices during the era of PDP at the centre no significant investment were recorded in infrastructure, health, education, social investment, power and other critical aspects of the economy.

According to him, major problems confronted by the current administration were inherited , commending the president Buhari for turning around things in the country.

“ If you objectivly analyise the state of the nation before the advent of Buhari you would know the president has achieved a lot. The major problems confronting the state were all inherited. People talk about recession not knowing that our country has been plunged into recession before Buhari came on board. He did all he could and now we are out it. We must understand that nothing comes easy. A house destroyed in hours can’t be built in hours. We must understand it will take to get Nigeria to where it ought to.

“ this administration has fought the menace of corruption which as made the country a fertile ground for people to come and invest. What we now have is an improved health care, Infrastructure, foreign reserve has increased. What we have now is a better country than we had.” He said

Reacting to the Atiku’s promise on restructuring, he described as deceitful the promise by the presidential candidate of the opposition PDP to restructure the country in 6 months.

Abubakar assured that the organization would not relent in its bid to get the president reelected come 2019.

The southwest Cordinator of the group Prince Felix Awofisayo said the decision to support the reelection of president Buhari was within the historical current of thought and political action in yoruba land.

The Southwest ordinator stressed that the region had benefited immersly with the various programmes of the present administration, adding everyone irrespective of their region, religion and circumstances of birth have not been left behind in his programmes.

He said his social intervention programmes such as the home grown school feeding has not only led to increased in school enrollment but also to the development of human capacity development both in the region and the country at large.

He added that the gains of Buhari’s administration must be protected from the ravages of those who want to scrap them.

Prince Awofisayo who described the presidential election as a contest between the forces of retrogression and those of progress assured the president that members of the southwest BSO were battle ready to deliver the region 100 percent to him.

The River state cordinator, Jerry Johnson who likened the era of the PDP at centre with the days of Egypt noted that Nigerians were not willing to return to that dark era.

He said the South south were solidly behind the reelection of the present because of his integrity.


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