We wants Amnesty International out of Nigeria – Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army has called for the closure of Amnesty International offices in Nigeria, alleging there is credible evidence the organisation is working hard to destabilise the country.

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The army spokesman, Brig.-Gen Sani Usman, said today that the organisation’s attempt to destabilise the nation was reflected through fabrication of fictitious allegations of alleged human rights abuses against the Nigerian security forces.

Usman also alleged the AI had engaged in clandestine sponsorship of dissident groups to protest, as well as making unfounded allegations against the leadership of the Nigerian military, all to destabilise Nigeria.

According to him, the Nigerian branch of Amnesty International that has hitherto been well respected has deviated from the core values, principles and objectives of the original Amnesty International domiciled in the United Kingdom.

“They have tried over the years using Boko Haram terrorist conflicts, Islamic Movement in Nigeria, some activists and now herders-farmers conflicts.

“The NGO is at the verge of releasing yet another concocted report against the military, ostensibly against the Nigerian Army.

“Consequently, Nigerians should be wary of Amnesty International (Nigeria) because its goals are to destabilise Nigeria and to dismember it.

“The Nigerian Army has no option than to call for the closure of Amnesty International offices in Nigeria, if such recklessness continues”, Usman said.

It was not the first time the Nigerian Army and Amnesty International would have some misunderstanding over the latter’s various reports on human rights in the country.


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  1. He who must come to equity must come with clean hands. The Nigeria Army should put its house in order and clean up its tainted image by avoiding dinning and wineing with corrupt politicians. When a goat began to walk around with a dog it will soon learn how to eat shit.

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