Doyin Okupe releases 43 achievements of PDP, challenges APC

Doyin Okupe, a former aide to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan, has listed the achievements of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, administration for 16 years.

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The ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, has widely criticised and blamed PDP for problems experienced in the country.

Recently Garba Shehu, while speaking when he featured on Sunrise Daily, a programme of Channels Television, said the refusal of Jonathan’s government to cooperate with the transition committee led to delay in appointments.

But reacting, Jonathan, in a statement by his media aide, Ikechukwu Eze, said the former president should not be blamed for the failure of Buhari to appoint ministers early enough in the life of his government.

Reacting to supposed blame game by APC, Okupe took to his Twitter page to release forty-three (43) achievements of the PDP administration.

He further urged APC administration to list its achievements and make a comparison.

His post read: “They said in 16years PDP did nothing, here is a quick reminder of some of the achievements of PDP from 1999 to 2015: If you like, include #BokoHaram if it’s what you continue with.
1. N18k Minimum wage
2. EFCC.
3. ICPC.
6. Card Reader.
7. TSA.
8. New National ID Card.
9. New Drivers Licence.
10. BVN.
11. New pension scheme
12. Abuja to Kaduna Rail.
13. Abuja Light Rail.
14. GSM
15. PTDF
16. 14 New Federal Universities.
17. Akpabio Stadium, Uyo.
18. KASU & a host of other states universities.
19. Alot of private universities were granted licence.
20. Debt settlement and cancellation.
21. Fastest growing economy in Africa.
22. Third fastest growing economy in the world.
23. Exchange rate: N160/$1.
24. Fuel: N87.
25. General low prices of commodities compared to now.
26. New Kaduna Central Market
First Nigerian Drone Launched
27. First Nigerian Satellite launched
28. NDA moved to its permanent site after about 25yrs attempts.
29. NDA admitted its first female combatant cadets.
30. AFIT, NN school of Armaments Tech, Nigerian Police Academy were established.
31. Nigerian Legislative Institute was established.
32. Relative peace.
33. Freedom of speech and communication,
34. Naval Base, Lokoja
35. International Market, Lokoja
36. 80% of the Airports in the country
37.Bag of foreign rice 8000 etc.
38.Creation of many Federal Universities in the country
39.National Stadium Abuja
40. 25billion naira capital base bank reforms
41. Remodeling of 22 airports to international standard across the nation
43.Dangote as the richest African and Blackman in the world
“Please List APCs achievements under PMB and Campaign with it. Let’s change strategy from abuse and accusations to policies.”


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  1. I had known before now that Doyin Okupe can be other things but I didn’t know he is such a big liar. Please, GSM was initiated by Gen Sani Abacha govt, he issued the sole license to the Chagouri Brothers company but was suspended by Gen Abdusallam Abubakar.PDP didn’t initiate National Stadium Abuja. Okupe should tell Nigerians where the “22 remodeled airports” are in Nigeria.
    APC achievements:
    1. Resuscitating the comatose,almost dead EFCC & ICPC.
    2. Implementation of the TSA
    3. BVN was initiated and implemented under APC
    4. National ID started by the PDP has been superseded by an entirely new one
    5. Completion of Abuja-Kaduna Rail
    Infact, it is very clear even to the blind that the PDP never completed any project they started(Doyin Okupe should go a step further and tell Nigerians which of the projects PDP started , it completed). And because the PMB govt is a responsible one , the one that abhors stealing and waste of public funds, it concentrated on trying to complete the litany of uncompleted projects left by the incompetent and ultra corrupt PDP govt.and Nigeria is the better for this APC govt resolve.

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