Praying to God to kill your enemy is wrong – Reno Omokri

Activist and pastor Reno Omokri has said that praying to God to kill your enemy is wrong and can be considered an abuse of prayers.

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In his opinion, he believes it is rather more considerable to ask God to change the mind of your enemies into what you want for them and not to kill them.

He wrote:

Don’t use good for evil purposes. Prayer is good. Killing is evil. Using prayer to ask God to kill your enemies is an abuse of prayer. If you really believe God answers prayer, why not use it to ask Him to change your enemies or to change your attitude towards them? #RenosNuggets

And as part of his daily nuggets, he also wrote that praying for Miracle money is wrong as it encourages laziness and so God does not answer such prayers.

Stop praying for miracle money. No such thing exists. God will not send you miracle money because He does not support laziness. God will send you miracle ideas. It is then up to YOU to convert the miracle ideas He gives you into a business that yields miracle money


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