I will grant amnesty to looters – Atiku

The Peoples Democratic Party’s, PDP, presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, has said he would grant amnesty to corrupt people who looted the nation’s treasury.

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Abubakar spoke at an event titled, ‘The Candidate’, in Abuja on Wednesday.

The moderator, Kadariah Ahmed, had asked Atiku if corrupt persons would be granted amnesty if he becomes President.

“Why not? I give you an example of Turkey. Turkey gave amnesty and all the monies taken abroad were brought back and the government said when you bring the money back, you don’t need to pay taxes. Invest in manufacturing, technology and real estate.

“And look at Turkey today. It is like any other European country today,” he answered.

Abubakar also refused to bear the blame for the poverty level in his home state of Adamawa, saying, as one of the two main employers of labour in Adamawa State, he was not responsible for the perceived high poverty rate in the state.

According to him, anyone might argue that an individual was incapable of ending poverty.

His vice presidential running mate, Peter Obi, said that instead of being condemned, Atiku should be commended for being the only presidential candidate in Nigeria who has not only made a success of his own life, but he is also an employer of labour, apart from the Adamawa State Government.

The duo spoke at The Candidate, a political forum hosted by the NTA, Punch reports.



  1. Nigerians can now see clearly what awaits them if they ever make the mistake of voting in Atiku and his hugely corrupt PDP
    They will just simply continue the public fund looting spree from where they left off

  2. Oh Nigeria! Granting amnesty to looters is tantamount to saying all of us can do anything, break the rules, and we will still get away with it. This also brings me to Chief Obasanjo’s comments on and forgiveness for Atiku. There is nothing wrong with forgiving someone who offended you on a personal ground, but not when heinous crimes are committed against a people. It sets a dangerous precedence for criminality and chaos. A few cabal indecently acquired wealth at the expense of a hapless majority. And we condoned that? It is a slap on our face; it is denigrating to our collective for that matter! It belittles a people in the eyes of the entire world! Nigeria is a country for crying out loud! It is not an individual! Nigeria is not Obasanjo! Neither is it Atiku!

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