Atiku, Obasanjo owe Nigeria explanations – Tinubu

All Progressives Congress (APC) National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu on Tuesday said former President Olusegun Obasanjo and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar owes Nigerians explanations on alleged mismanagement of the Petroleum Trust Development Funds (PTDF).

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Tinubu said Nigerians need explanation on alleged theft of millions of dollar belonging to the PTDF, which Atiku superintended over during the regime administration of Obasanjo.

He said it would be a big mistake if Nigerians elect Atiku in the February 16 poll, saying he has nothing to offer other than to sell the nation’s commonwealth.

According to him: “They want to come back and sell our commonwealth. They promised to create 2 million job for you, and nobody ask them how.

“When you were there with Obasanjo how many jobs did you create? How many times did Obasanjo say Atiku stole PTDF’s money?

“The answer he always gave was that his former boss too stole money. Is this the kind of person you want to vote for?”

He added that PDP are responsible for the electricity estimated billing system “saying their actions to share the electricity company into Generation and DISCO caused the hike in the tariff estimated bill.

“What is Atiku response and PDP? He said what is wrong if I share Nigeria resources with my friends? Is that what you want them to come back to do”?

Tinubu, who added that President Buhari deserves reelection due to his sterling records in all sectors, said the President has revived the agriculture sector and sponsored anchored borrowers who have generated over 5.8 million jobs.

He urged the Ekiti people to vote for massively for Buhari come February 16 to enjoy more the benefits of good governance so as witness a new lease of life.

Buhari told the crowd of party supporters and admirers who thronged the 12,000 capacity Ekiti Parapo pavilion, Ado Ekiti, the State Capital, that fighting corruption in a nation like Nigeria was a difficult task.

Buhari added he would never be dissuaded to rid the nation of graft in line with the promise he made in 2015 to sanitise the country.

President Buhari said he was quite conscious of the promises he made while contesting four years ago, particularly the ones that have to do with corruption, insecurity and resuscitating the economy.

“We are fighting corruption but it has not been easy. But we told the security agencies to keep watch and ensure that those who have cases to answer do not escape justice.

“As part of our promises, we are building roads, rail lines, fighting corruption.

“We introduced Treasury Single Account and increased power supply so Nigerians can have their own businesses.”


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