Igbos should learn from history and vote Buhari – Group

A group, Igbo Reawakening Forum (IRF) on Sunday said the Igbos will benefit more when they vote Buhari for a 2nd term as he remained the only leader that has the capacity to halt Nigeria’s drift into disintegration.

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The group said Buhari’s emergence in 2015 was an act of God to end the balkanization of the country and to serve as a bridge between the nation’s spiritual fathers and the masses, The Nation reports.

In a communuque after its joint meeting of the Board of Trustees and National Executive Committee in Awka, and signed by both chairmen, Chief Nkwo Nnabuchi and Uchenna Ufearoh respectively, the body affairmed its belief and commitment to a united Nigeria state.

The body said its decision to endorse Buhari/Osinbajo joint ticket was informed by the confidence it has on their candidacy to address the myraid of challenges facing the nation.

The group regretted the refusal of the Igbos to learn from history despite all they had suffered since independence.

It asked the people of the zone to vote massively for Buhari at the Saturday poll to change the narratives.

The group said,

“The present Igbo leaders have not cared to examine thoroughly the mistakes of Michael Okpara in 1964, General Ironsi in 1966 and Odumegwu Ojukwu in 1967.

“Regrettably, Igbos have not learnt any lesson from the tragedies they faced in the 60s. They are still deep in the political naiveity that destroyed Igbo civilization.”


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  1. The fact remains that PDP had rode of the back of Igbo votes to victory over the years without doing anything to improve the lot of the Igbo masses at large, except for the few greedy and self centred Igbo political class who care less about the generality of the Igbo
    The much touted second Niger bridge by Jonathan has obviously turned out a mere political gimmick
    The much hyped international airport is a mere renovation of Emene airport
    PDP apparently failed to establish a single federal presence in the south east
    It’s down to the Igbos to vote wisely this time around

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