How Buhari, Amaechi are using people for ‘rituals’ during campaign – Timi Frank

Former deputy spokesman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Timi Frank, has challenged President Muhammadu Buhari and his campaign Director-General, Rotimi Amaechi, to tell Nigerians why people are dying during their party’s rallies.

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He made the call while referring to the loss of lives at APC presidential rally in Rivers state.

In a statement, he signed and forwarded to Newsmen, titled: “Buhari, Amaechi: Explain why people are dying at APC rallies,” Frank alleged that the killings may be for “rituals by the APC leaders.”

While paying condolences to the family of those who have lost their lives in APC rallies across the country, the former APC spokesperson urged Nigerians to be sensitive by avoiding gathering of APC leaders, receiving money or materials from “bloodsucking party.

He said: “If not for rituals, the number of deaths recorded so far at APC rallies are enormous. How come no single death has been recorded in PDP rally that had more crowd? Our spiritual leaders must unravel what is killing people at APC rallies.

“I call on Nigerians to stop collecting campaign materials like T-shirt, face cap, Tradermoni and so on from APC leaders. This is a party that has brought pain and anguish to Nigeria. Since APC took over in 2015, blood has been flowing as if it is normal. Hundreds have been lost to farmer/herders crisis in Benue, Plateau and Taraba states, bandits killed more in Kaduna and Zamfara, Boko Haram and other killers gained more ground and now Nigerians are still dying at common campaign rallies of APC.

“These and many more have shown that the hands of APC leaders are not clean. We must reject them through our votes, we must stand by and protect our votes.

Frank also accused the Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof. Yakubu Mahmud of having prior knowledge of burnt materials and offices in some strongholds of the PDP across the country to reduce its votes.

Frank insisted that the INEC boss cannot be exonerated from the plot to reduce votes at areas identified as PDP strongholds.

“The burning at INEC offices is part of the strategies agreed upon at a midnight meeting Prof. Yakubu held with the president at Defence house recently. Strange things already happening but it is clear that the whole world is watching.

“I will warn the INEC leadership to desist from carrying out evil agenda and template prepared to rig the forthcoming election because if anything contrary happens against the will of the people, the INEC boss will be held responsible,” Frank stated.

The Bayelsa born activist also condemned a media report credited to the INEC boss where he warned foreign observers to only “observe and not monitor.

“I’m using this medium to call on international community to hold the INEC boss responsible if anything happens against the will of the people,” he said.



  1. Frustration and utter helplessness can really be a big problem. It’s really a very big problem for the PDP, so much so that they are now grabbing whatever “straw” they can sight. But I have loads of pity for them because Nigerians have long taken an informed and reasonable position behind my beloved, lover of the masses,PMB and his APC Party and the rejected and jaded PDP really can’t do anything about it, try as much as they can!

  2. One of those archaic folks that dwell merely on imaginary and delusional belief
    How on earth , in this 21st century, can someone ascribe an incident whereby people fainted in a crowded environment, due to lack of enough oxygen, to diabolical means
    This is apparently one those retrogressive fellas that hinder Nigeria’s development as a result of their superstitious belief

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