Saraki dares Buhari, APC ahead of Saturday’s election

Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki on Tuesday night told President Muhammadu Buhari that Kwara state is a no-go area for the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the coming elections.

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Saraki said this while addressing a crowd of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) supporters at a campaign rally at Afon, Asa local government area of the state.

The Senate President said that the fact that he was the focus of verbal attacks by APC leaders at their rally in Ilorin only justified his position that the party had nothing concrete to offer Nigerians.

He also restated his earlier argument that the APC has nothing to offer the people of Kwara state — describing the party in the state as merely a conglomerate of greedy politicians.

He called on the electorate to use the first set of elections to teach the APC a lesson to show them that the state will never be subjected to taking orders from Lagos.

He said: “Saturday’s election is all about Nigeria. The polls is also about Kwara. When I first said this many wondered — but when Buhari came yesterday you all saw what happened.

“They spent the entire day abusing me because they have no plan for us here in Kwara except to abuse Saraki. That is unlike the PDP that trusts us and have assured us of a better Nigeria for all Nigerians.

“PDP is the only party today with an active plan for development, job creation and youth employment. They also have great regard for us in Kwara.

“Let’s use the Saturday election to teach APC a lesson that Kwara belongs to Kwarans and we will never take orders from Lagos. Kwara is a no go area for them, let’s tell them with our votes.

“The APC is made up of people who enjoyed your votes because we asked you to vote for them even when you didn’t know them but out of greed they are out of our fold.

“The second group is made up mainly of rebels who have nothing to offer but just to antagonise Saraki after they had benefitted immensely from our political structure.”



  1. Betrayers and political prostitutes will always have no honour, even in their own home
    The stage is set. The dice is cast
    It’s count down time
    We shall soon know who will have the bragging rights
    We know them, they will soon cross carpet as usual

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