Election shift won’t save Buhari from defeat – Group

A member of People’s Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Council (PDPPCO) Prince Tim Ogwuru has declared the postponement of the presidential and National Assembly polls would not save President Muhammadu Buhari from defeat.

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He explained that majority of Nigerians have rejected Buhari and his party and would be ready to vote them out on February 23 and March 9.

He urged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to ensure credible elections.

In an interview with our correspondent, Ogwuru stated the Buhari administration has nothing more to offer Nigerians after it has brought Nigeria to ground zero in four years.

He said it will be suicidal for Nigerians to reelect Buhari.

The PDP chieftain stated: “Buhari’s days in office are numbered and if I am to advise him, he should quietly do the decent thing and not continue with the process of him getting a second term.

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“In any case, if he ready to be humiliated out of office through the ballot box, the choice remains his and his alone.

“The postponement of the election won’t save him and his party, APC, from electoral demise. Nigerians are yearning for genuine and credible Barton change.

“Buhari has brought pains, frustration and suffering of a monumental proportion Nigerians.

“The avalanche of electoral rejection from Nigerians electorate is now unstoppable. Buhari has nothing to show for the period he has been in power.”

He added: “Nothing to show for the period he has been in power except selective anti-graft war and appointments to from one section of the country.

“I speak for most and majority of Nigerians when I say he has nothing more to offer and, in any case he cannot offer what he doesn’t have.”

He insisted presidential candidate of the PDP Atiku Abubakar has the capacity to turn Nigeria around through purposeful leadership that would place the country on the fast lane of development.


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  1. Bloody daydreamer
    Keep on dreaming and rolling around on your bed while you enjoy your sleep
    Latest by next Tuesday you and your PDP likes will face the reality on the ground

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