Buhari speaking with anointing of Idi-Amin – Dino Melaye

The senator representing Kogi West senatorial district, Dino Melaye says President Muhammadu Buhari has failed to speak with utmost decorum and respect to the rule of law.

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Melaye said this while appearing on Channels Tv, where he called on Buhari to apologize to Nigerians and retract his statement ordering the military to deal with ballot box snatchers.

According to him, Buhari speaks with ‘the anointing of Idi-Amin’ under a democracy.

Melaye said: “I am utterly disappointed in my president. I am completely in shock that in a democratic setting, a president will speak with the anointing if Idi Amin of Uganda, the president will use the word ‘ruthless’, the president will order killings of Nigerians without going through legal procedures. That is totally unacceptable.

“I expected that by now the President should have apologized to Nigerians and withdraw that statement but instead there has been a lot of efforts, boxing the wind by Chieftains of the APC, trying to defend what is not defendable.”



  1. This is the height of hypocrisy for a kind of person like Malaye to go about preaching about the rule of law
    Last time I checked, the track record of Malaye is not something to be proud of by all standard
    He cannot be good role model to anyone both old and young
    This is somebody that threatened to slap and impregnate another man’s wife
    A person that threw all scruples to wind engaging in all types of disgraceful act, like jumping from tree to tree and from hospital to hospital in order to evade police arrest
    What about his silly and childish song; (Ajeku iya) to mention but a few of his lowly vices
    Surely Malaye should be hiding his face in the sand in shame for all what he represents

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