What customer did to my shipping company – Adelove CEO

Social Media influencer and businessman, Mr Adelove has revealed what recently happened to his shipping company.

Adelove narrates what a customer did to his shipping company

According to a post he shared on Instagram, his company discovered that the packs of iPhones a customer gave to them to send to Nigeria were discovered to be empty.

Adelove also had more to share about the company’s encounters with other customers. Read his post below.

What did Adelove Shipping do to deserve this? –
Wow! A customer dropped off some packets of new iphones to be shipped out to Nigeria from USA only to find out they are empty packets

Hmmm.. imagine, if my team did not open and check .. they would have been reporting and writing all over Internet we are scammers.

Another one we are currently facing where a customer shipped out dangerous merchandise without letting us know. The client knew that dangerous goods cost triple of the usual amount .. she hid the info from us to avoid paying more, only for Airline to detect it and delay the shipment. –

I can see now that I’m in for you guys game that played this game. I will ensure you face the full wrath of law. Wait for me! –

You think you can tarnish the good names of @adeloveshipping .. Ive been allowing you to display your fake cry all this while by writing craps about us, tagging celebrities and asking people to beg adeloveshipping to release your goods.. meanwhile you knew what you did. Please know that been quiet does not mean I’m stupid.


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